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“Data of 2.9 crores Indian job seekers leaked on Dark Web: Report”


On May 23 in an astonishing declaration by the cybersecurity researchers, the personal details of almost 2.9 Crore Indian job seekers has been leaked on the Dark Web by the hackers.

This news in India is elevating agitation amongst the cybercrime agencies and experts over this huge data rupture.

On Friday, the leaked data was unveiled by Cyble, Inc, a U.S.- based cyber intelligence firm founded by Beenu Arora, who is a global cybersecurity expert.

Cyble came across a 2.3 GB zipped file on a hacking forum (Image: Cyble)

Cyble posted an update on its official blog on Saturday, revealing the names, addresses, and contact numbers linked to enormous job seekers from various cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru. According to the blogpost of Cyble, the data is accessible for free download in a compressed zip file of 2.3 gigabytes.

Such personal information has always been a hunt for cyber criminals so that they can initiate various sinful activities like identity thefts, corporate espionage, and scams.

It further added,” The whole leaking of data seems to have emerged from a resume aggregator service given the detailed information and sheer volume”.

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The whole information has been indexed by Cyble at ‘; that is a Cyble platform for data breaching and notification.


The investigation is still on by Cyble and they are taking out more facts about the surface as they are proceeding further in the matter.

Cyble said that they have obtained the leaked data. Even before that Cyble has exposed that the very demanding “Unacademy” that is a Bengaluru based edtech company was hacked.

Nearly 22 million Unacademy user accounts were affected according to the researches of Cyble, and the data was sold and dumped on Dark Web.

The tracing of sources and investigation is also going by Indian Cybercrime investigation agencies.
The superintendent of Police ( Maharashtra Cyber cell) Balraj Rajput said,” The Data breaches have a serious impact on users, and criminals use the leaked data to commit various cyber-attacks for financial gains or other motives. We are looking into the matter. Users need to update their passwords, opt for two-factor authentication, and conduct regular security checks.”

Cybercrime is not a very new addition to the world, it’s been carried out by various hackers from a long time but the question is until when? People’s trust is shattered in the websites they are acquiring to save their personal data.

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