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Explaining Cryonics and Escaping your death: Is it possible?

Cryonics means preserving something by freezing it and this technology is used in freezing the whole body or a body part of the deceased person for revival someday.


Have you ever thought of escaping your death or extending your life? If not, then you can do that with Cryonics, only if you are lucky.

Cryonics means preserving something by freezing it and this technology is used in freezing the whole body or a body part of the deceased person in the little hopes of revival someday. The largest company that is performing cryonics freezing is the Alcor Life Extension Foundation based in Arizona, which currently have 181 members cryopreserved, in liquid nitrogen at approx -196 degree Celsius.

They are cryopreserved in the little hopes, of having the technology in the future, which will make their complete revival. This technology is quite expensive to afford.
Approx $200,000 for full body preservation and $80,000 for just brain will be paid at the time of death and there are other additional surcharges and monthly membership fees.

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Freezing of the body is not a simple task, as our cells have water in it, and water after freezing expands and form crystals which will destroy the body. So, to perform cryogenics, they use the vitrification technique, in which they replace the water of cells with an anti-freezing agent, like Glycerol. This will help in preventing crystal formation in cells.

The moment a person is declared dead, the medical emergency team from the cryonic organization with which that deceased person had made a contract, will stabilize the body by making sure that the brain is receiving enough oxygen and blood supply to retain minimal functioning until the body reaches the suspension facility. During transportation, the body is kept in liquid nitrogen and ice with an anticoagulant, which will prevent blood clotting.

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The first person to be cryopreserved was Dr. James Bedford in 1967. He died of kidney cancer and it was his desire to be preserved in a cryo-chamber.
The process of revival is impossible now, as it’s pretty challenging to defrost different complex human organs and make them work again. So, people are cryopreserved in the hopes of hypothetical technology that will make this impossible task, possible.

People have been asking moral and ethical questions regarding cryogenics and some consider it to be a capitalistic technique of robbing people by giving them false hopes. So, what do you think about this technology? Will you cryopreserve your body for revival?



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