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First Hijabi Pilot: Breaking all the stigma and notion about attire

"Women's look good in the kitchen" or "women's are born to look after the family". We all have heard such a saying throughout our lives. women should dress a certain way, they cannot do this in heels or too much makeup is the news way to degrade the women, their choice and capacities. However, there are some gallant women for whom it is nothing but a deceptive phrase!


Yes. There are women for whom the sky is just not the limit. In an industry dominated by males, many superstar women have conquered their dreams and showed that they are not lesser than anyone but with style and substance. One such woman is the first Pakistani Pilot who flew the aircraft wearing a Hijab, for which she has been listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Image credit: headtopics.com

Captain Pilot Shahnaz Laghari is the world’s first niqabi pilot, she can fly an airplane all by herself and that too while fully covered in the Islamic veil for women. She is an inspiration for the people who prove that if one is determined, anything can be achieved while staying within the boundaries of religion and personal choice. She doesn’t stop here, as she is also striving for the rights of women in Pakistan.

Image credit: presslives.com

This is an enormous achievement for a woman as Pakistani culture is considered to be male dominant and women are highly discouraged to engage in many activities. She is a motivation for all women around the world.

Also, this story should put those people, Islamophobes, seculars, and liberals, straight who say Muslim women who wish to adhere to the orthodox Islamic beliefs are backward and oppressed.


Being in a democratic secular country, Muslims are being judged and have to face the problem of prejudice and Discrimination. The women are being stared if they are involved in any of the work while they wear the Islamic veil (Hijab, Burkha) which are their belives. They are still struggling for respect and the same importance as others while following their religion which is no harm to anyone.

Every other country gives the right to all its citizens to follow their dreams with whatever dress they feel comfortable while working, which may include riding a bike, flying a jet, playing cricket, or being a President. Talent is never about any religion, clothes, or choices. Talent is within a Human, irrational of any religion, caste, or color.

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