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From Civilization to Barbarism- Lockdown 2020


Nothing has ever advertised itself so earnestly the way deceit did. So far the truth is concerned; its mere existence is the best paradigm of its advertisement. Woefully, the last 3-4 months of lockdown traded nothing but hatred, lies, bigotry, fraud, etc. etc. etc. 

On different mediums, fake news are circulated to generate the seed of hatred (Source: DNA India)

More often than not, excess of leisure time results in the invention of satanic thoughts, and the suffocated period of lockdown bears its testimony. Perhaps after ages, the already unemployed India would have ever felt the essence of unemployment in its real sense. Moreover, the already existing two parallel worlds also came into the limelight, which otherwise was denied by the majority; i: e, the world of privileged and the world of destitute. There is no disagreement with the fact that the quarantine period has reduced productivity, both at the global as well as at the personal level, but one thing which has surpassed and transcended from its normal productivity is – hatred. Proper propaganda is gaining currency in the light of politics to yield animosity within the hearts of civilians. Unfortunately, it has reached the degree that has resulted in the loss of an entire column of common sense in many people.  In the name of speaking the truth, people have transgressed every level of decency and have eventually landed themselves in the domain of inhumanity. Are they really enunciating the truth?

The side effects of lockdown are so intense in some people that they are dying to become the cynosure of all eyes. For their desire to materialize, they are engaging themselves in all sorts of extremism. Little did they know how much it would cost them, and the society at large!



Human mechanism is such that, if a person is unbridled or unruly, the path will surely be lost and he’s destined to go astray. One such example can be seen where people are spewing venom on different social media platforms, without analyzing the damages they are causing to society. How deplorable it is to witness every second person engaging in journalism in the worst of its manners. Well, in a democratic country like India – they are independent enough to express their thoughts. But they are humbly requested to disassociate themselves with religions – as in the shade of faith; many have misused and abused it.



A layman reporting any news on social media platforms is equally responsible as an anchor mongering hate on the mainstream media. And the reason in both the cases is – ignorance. The ethics of reporting for the sake of reporting is losing its value and mere appeasement is done inclined towards any particular end in order to drive some personal gain. To our dismay, the truth has become the least demanded object.

Government unorganised and unplanned steps led to the breach of social distancing amid COVID-19.
(Source: Getty Images)

Impact of hate-mongering

Had it not been the nasty political propaganda of all the political parties, this long duration of lockdown could be used as a beacon towards communal harmony and love. Society building is a task from which no one can repudiate. Probably, this is what exactly the theories of civilization were all about. In its absence, we are no far away from barbarism. But instead of fortifying our already tattered relationships, we have fallen prey to the agendas of power-thirsty people. 



The ruling government had to some way or the other put the blame of its ineffectiveness and inabilities of not tackling the situation on someone else. They were hunting for a proper scapegoat. And they succeeded expediently. Be it the issue of migrant laborers and their transportation or Tablighi Jamat and their polarization – the ruling party managed to extract their political advantage even from these sensitive issues. Thousands of stranded laborers started the journey back home on their own, in name of governmental scheme of ‘aatmnirbhar’, out of which hundreds died on the way. Now, who will be held accountable for all these? Whom are we supposed to question, if not the government? When will this probation end? 



Who is responsible for the pahalgar lynching? Many toddlers have been orphaned and women widowed but there is no one to listen to the cries. The loss of lives due to hunger didn’t bother anyone. Isn’t this the time to question our humanity?

In the midst of all those atrocities, we instead of strengthening the communal fabric chose to become the keyboard warriors. The politics will keep costing lives like this if we do not open our eyes and join hands. The stage of fanaticism in which we, unfortunately, have stepped in will make us pay a very heavy price. Our morality have plummeted down to the level that our eyes have lost the sight to look beyond our confined advantages. Few fanatics kept on defaming a particular sect and we didn’t even for a blink of an eye think of their immoral agendas to create a crisis. Yes, some people are always up to create crises, as in their backdrop they may achieve their aims. This has affected the psychology of almost every human being. The post lockdown will witness a drastic change in the ideologies of many people.  

As a human, we were supposed to love a fellow human irrespective of any difference. As a human, we were supposed to mourn over the grief and calamities of a fellow human irrespective of any difference. But politics may have taught us a very different lesson beyond the reach of humanity. 



Although, the cases of Covid-19 have not stopped, lockdown will finally come to an end in a short while. Experts are foreseeing a very deplorable and criminal situation in India in upcoming months. Due to heavy economic losses, there will definitely be an increase in the crime rate. As for India, there is no peace until there is a renaissance. 


“The answer to the hatred is not hatred itself

The answer to the enmity is not enmity itself

The answer to the extremism is not extremism itself

If you claim to be on truth, then worry not

Verily, falsehood will perish”


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