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India-China clashes: Files go missing yet again

This is not the first time that some really crucial files go missing from the authorities, this is the centre's version of Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhaenge...


It has been over two months since the India China outskirt goes head to head started with China’s interruption in the Indian domain. The outskirt issue went from a fight to conflict to a rough go head to head between the troopers of the two nations. On the deplorable night of June fifteenth, the rough go head to head prompted the passing of 20 Indian troopers in the Galwan Valley. Now, as per the reports, Indian soldiers objected to the camps and other structures being elected by People’s Liberation Army soldiers near Galwan Valley, a scuffle broke out which turned violent. In this, 20 Indian soldiers were killed. The Indian side claims that the Chinese army has also suffered heavy casualties. But China is mum on the official figures. This happened when the two countries had decided to disengage from the flashpoint in a military level talk. From then to now, as many as five rounds of military-level talks have taken place regarding disengagement at the line of actual control(LAC). But some reports claim that Chinese soldiers have not fully gone back to their earlier positions.

Now, after the June 15 Galwan Valley incident, there was a rising demand for Prime Minister Modi to speak up on the issue and let people know what exactly has happened. The opposition question Prime Minister’s silence and pressed for an all-party meeting to understand the global situation better? Five days after the face of Prime Minister Modi finally addressed an all-party meeting where that he claimed that no one has entered the territory and no Indian boost has been taken over. His claim created a huge controversy with the opposition alleging that Prime Minister Modi is not admitting to Chinese aggression on Indian land.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Modi continuously on the issue, stating that the prime minister was lying to Indians in his series of videos, which are similar to one key part of Prime Minister Modi. He had said that China is attacking the Modi’s fifty six-inch image. Remarkably, none from the ruling government openly admitted what was being reported by defence journalist Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in a television interview in the month-end of may had said that a sizeable number of Chinese soldiers had come a little further than they used to earlier.


But it was officially clarified that it should not be misinterpreted as if Chinese soldiers have entered the Indian side of the line of actual control. However, as for the reports, the Ministry of Defence document itself has admitted to the transgression near the line of actual control. In Ladakh, the Ministry of Defence document uploaded on Ministry’s website acknowledges that the Chinese intruded into the Indian territory in Ladak in the month of May. This was probably the first time since the military confrontation began that any official statement came close to admitting Chinese transgression in Indian territory. But days after it was uploaded, the document has now gone missing from the Defence Ministry website. The link is now blank. So what was exactly in the document? The document stated that the Chinese side transgressed in the areas of Kugrang Nala, which is near patrolling point fifteen, which is north of Hot Springs, then Gogra which is patrol point seventeen A and North Bank of Pangong Tso Lake on May 17.  It also said that the standoff could be prolonged and the evolving situation may need prompt action. It must be reminded that the Ministry of External Affairs has been maintaining that the Chinese are trying to erect these structures just across the lac, which has led to clashes and it sought to restore the status quo.

However, China in earlier occasion has sought to claim the entire Galwan Valley as its own territory. In the second point, the document mentions that the consequent to this ground-level interactions were held between armed forces of both sides to diffuse the situation. Corps commander level flagged meeting was held on June six. However, a violent face-off took place on the 15th of June, resulting in casualties on both sides in the third point. The document stresses on the second meeting, it says that the second collapse commander level meeting took place on June 22nd to discuss the modalities of disengagement, while engagement and dialogue at military and diplomatic level is continuing to arrive at a mutually acceptable consensus.

Credit: Twitter

The present standoff is likely to be prolonged in the point on the topic, the document says that the situation in eastern Ladakh arising from unilateral aggression by China continues to be sensitive and requires close monitoring and prompt action based on the evolving situation. Recently, the fifth round of military-level talks concluded, but it could not achieve a satisfactory result while the Chinese army pulled back from Galwan Valley and certain other areas. But the withdrawal of troops has not moved forward from the finger 4 area and finger 8 in Pangong Tso as demanded by India, China also has not completed the withdrawal of troops from rural areas. Referring to the record, Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi by and by hitting back at Prime Minister Modi and inquired as to Why is he lying? Be that as it may, hours after the record was accounted for on in the media, it disappeared from the Ministry of Defence site.


The page prompting the archive is not any more accessible. In any case, this archive which you can see at the present time, the one we found via web-based networking media. It is a screen capture of a similar report. Now Rahul Gandhi reacting to this news tweeted, Forget standing up to China, India’s prime minister lacks the courage even to name them. Denying China is in our territory and removing documents from the website will not change the facts. All things considered, for what reason did the archive disappear from the Ministry of Defence site? Was it pulled down? What’s more, provided that this is true, for what reason was it pulled out? The inquiry are many, however, will government answer them? Is the most significant of all.

Surprisingly this is not the first time when such important documents have gone missing. Files related to Rafale and Vijay Mallya have also gone missing in the past.

Vijay Mallya

The Supreme Court of India has adjourned the hearing to August 20. The bench which comprises of U. U. Lalit and Ashok Bhushan found that some replies to the application filed in the matter were not available in the case records. The lawyers sought time to find the replies, and the bench adjourned the hearing accordingly. The officials have also been directed to furnish all the required details including the names of the people who have dealt with the file concerning review petitions previously in the last 3 years.

The Rafale Verdict

A similar instance had occurred when the documents were allegedly stolen. In March 2019 the central government told the Supreme Court that the documents related to Rafale deal were stolen from the  Ministry of Defence.


The irony here is when the government and the authorities itself are not able to keep the documents safely, provided all the class facilities in the ministries. How can the government expect it’s citizens to provide all the documents without any mishap?
And why is the government not able to keep such important documents safely? Is this the government’s version of Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhaenge  (we will not show the documents) ?


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