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Top 9 Instagram Trends to Boost your Earnings in 2021

Here are the top 9 trends and predictions to look out for in 2021 which enable you to build a rock-solid Instagram presence for your business and products.



What does the future of Instagram hold? From snackable Instagram Reels to cause-driven content to the unavoidable explosion of Instagram shopping, 2021 is all set to be a big one for our favorite social media platform.

In the ever-changing Instagram landscape, it’s probably a little risky, for the success of your business if you don’t keep up with the dynamic digital scenario. With the competition being cut-throat, only posting content and using hashtags will not take you any far.


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Whether you want to try influencer-marketing strategies or want to acquire the benefits of Instagram as your social media strategy. There is no shortcut to the method. The trends can make or break your social technique depending on how you use them but, hey we at TSA have got it all covered for you.

So, here are the top 9 trends and predictions to look out for in 2021 which enable you to build a rock-solid Instagram presence for your business and products.



1.  Did you know that Instagram stories have taken the world of social media          by   storm with over 500 million viewers daily?

Image source: Vamp Brands

The very first Instagram craze has to do with Instagram Stories. Established on the explanations of Instagram research, stories have evolved to be a popular tool through which users keep a check on their family and friends.

Even though it was undertaken almost four years ago, it didn’t take long for it to solidify itself as one of the top Instagram crazes and win the spirits of Instagrammers all over the world.

Today, it’s contemplated to be not just one of the platform’s most prominent features but also among parent company, Facebook’s best products.
Stories have evolved to be a prominent key characteristic of influencer marketing, with nearly eight out of ten (78 percent) brands announcing that Instagram Stories has had an enormous impact on influencers’ content about their brand.


Today, chronological feed is declining, and therefore, enhancing the concept of stories on this photo-sharing platform is important. Therefore, we must concentrate on stories instead of feeds, which are sharable enough to drive better engagement than ever.

2. Instagram Reel, the new rival of TikTok

Image source: Embed social

Instagram Reels are one of the hottest trends on Instagram right now, and they’re all around the world. The Reels,
allows users to create and edit short, 15-second videos, was launched in August 2020 and is available in 50 countries. Since its beginning, it has been called with different names—” Facebook’s TikTok rival” and “the TikTok clone”.
But what does this imply for the Instagram aesthetic?

In short, things are about to get a whole lot more imaginative — with fast, fun, and committing video clips taking center stage. With its progressive editing tools, it’s now easier than ever to create professional-looking tapes with perfectly-timed text overlays and outstanding effects.


In the context of visual aesthetics, Reels can be made with any filter from Instagram’s huge archive — from grainy film effects to soft fall hues.

So, the focus is on developing engaging content that captures your audience’s compassion and delivers *reel* value.

Know more about Instagram reels:



3.  Instagram’s Live a new way to ‘Insta Life’

Image source: Tom’s Guide

One of the fastest-growing Instagram crazes over the past few months has been Instagram Live. As the world went into lockdowns to thwart the spread of the coronavirus, people took to digital media to keep social. At the ridge of the pandemic, in April, Instagram Live practices skyrocketed 70 percent in just one month.

Analysts associate it with the truth that humans are not accustomed to remaining in isolation for long periods of time and are swiveling to social media to fulfill their need for social interaction.

The COVID-19 situation in the world does not look much nearer to a resolution with successive waves of infection hitting many countries. That said, expect strict protocols to stay in place and Instagram Live to resume trending on Instagram and into the new year.



4. Shopping directly on the platform

Image source: Talkinginfluence

With shoppers devouring more and more time on Instagram, we won’t be amazed if in-app shopping starts trending on Instagram in 2021, more than it presently is.

In the existing time, visitors can shop right away from Instagram that will ultimately transform them into your followers and loyal consumers. In such a situation, they will more be inclined to purchase from that brand.

This trend will evolve more in the future. When it gets to Gen Z or the millennials, they want to shop with comfort and convenience. Instagram does just that for its consumers. The educated and employed generation of today likes to shop from the platforms they repeatedly use.

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5. The popularity of the explore tab

Image source: Social Media Explorer

Did you know over 200 million Instagram users dig into the Explore tab daily?

And this figure is going to spur in the days to come. The feed’s navigation bar comprises shortcuts to Shop and IGTV. The Instagrammer can understand more about their niche interests like travel, art, beauty, food, design, interior décor, gardening, and so on.

Even if Instagrammers are amazed by several stories, they can now automatically view the Explore feed. Part of Instagram’s endeavors to keep users committed while browsing has come in the form of its Explore tab. It’s what the corporation uses to introduce recently unseen content to its users.


That said, we’re predicting the top Instagram trends of 2021 to include competition among brands for visibility on Instagram Explore to increase engagement for their Instagram content.

6. Augmented reality story filters

Image source: inGage technologies

The best way to stimulate content on Instagram in 2021 is via interactive content. Did you know that the photo-sharing site has now constructed a closed beta program to let third parties develop their individual augmented reality (AR) for the stories on Instagram?

Instagram followers can spread brand awareness by sharing the brand’s custom filters.
Since the photo-sharing social media let the third parties formulate their custom AR filters, we can make the most out of an incredible new tool for stimulating the brand on Instagram. It will enable us to gain more followers for Instagram with time and struggle.


7. Text- loaded Carousel Posts for Cause Advocacy

Image source: Pinterest

A picture paints a thousand words. So guess what numerous pictures and/or videos or a combination of both can do. Instagram’s carousel posts have evolved to be one of its most outstanding post formats since its launch in early 2017.
Today, its growth indicates no signs of stopping.

More than ever before, people need the brands they favor to have a clear perspective on social causes on Instagram.

Around the last 12 months, brands have put up with
Instagram to notify their communities on problems ranging from politics to social justice, often utilizing text-heavy carousel posts.
When done right, brands can make an actual difference to a trend they care about — while also constructing their brand identity and significance. However, assisting a social cause on social media should be reached with sensitivity and careful consideration.



8. The No-Edit Edit picture

Image source: Marianna Hewitt

Long gone are the days of intense edits and thrilled saturation —It’s 2021 and we are saying hi to the “no-edit edit” trend, where everyone is ready to showcase their venerable side.

We’re talking tiny tweaks, a hint of color change, and saying goodbye to idealistic edits.

This minimal edit trend runs hand-in-hand with the increase of authentic content on Instagram.
We’re glimpsing tons of brands and companies getting on board and showing a more ethical and vulnerable side to their brand.


When we showcase the good with the bad, the battles along with the wins, our brand will be more approachable to the audience


9. Instagram take on Social cause

Image source: Techcrunch

One of Instagram’s recent innovations is its fundraiser feature, undertaken in Q3 2020. With it, users can either launch their own private fundraiser or contribute to prevailing movements. The appliance was established in conclusion to the hampering economy ignited by the coronavirus pandemic and is in spot to encourage users to promote and benefit struggling businesses.

In the initial seven months of 2020 alone, more than $100 million was put up for those affected by COVID-19 on Instagram and Facebook independently and the company says it’s been glimpsing a solid wave of digital activism lately.

With economists predicting, we reckon this feature will earn the grip and make its grand presence shortly.




With these, you should now be equipped with sufficient information to craft Instagram marketing techniques that will put you one step ahead of your rivals.

Are you an Instagram marketing pro or simply a conventional user? What do you think of these Instagram crazes and which of them do you expect to truly catch on?

Let us know in the comments down below 🙂

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