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Isn’t current regime a ‘parody’ of government?


‘Behind the curtains’ of pandemic harbors a totally different version of story where government can be seen violating, exploiting and manipulating the true essence of India. 

This government is the best paradigm of propounding impractical, unplanned, unorganized and skeptical theories. From demonetization to GST and Rafale to CAA – the examples of catastrophes and mismanagement can be seen at every other step taken by the current ruling party. However, heading towards fulfilling the purpose of today’s dialogue, lets for a while keep aside the previous fiascos, as for the disaster and damage that has been caused during the period of lockdown is irretrievable.


What all has been done in the guise of novel coronavirus? 

Protest after the abolition of labour laws
Source: Frontline- The Hindu

Abolished Labour Laws 

Since 2014, the Central government has been taking slew measures to bring changes in the labour laws. Aimed at boosting the economy amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, several states in India have recently come out with ordinance and notifications containing exemptions from compliance with certain labour laws. To this many trade unions across the nations have gathered on a single platform to protest. Amendments that have been included in the new labour law is said to be anti-labour and anti-human.

Source: Peoples Dispatch


Encouraged mass-privatization


The already dwindling economy of India is getting constant lashes and the scenario of recession is taking shape gradually. Lockdown caused huge losses to the marginalized sections, labourers, small-scale businesses, and daily-wagers. As a responsible, accountable and answerable government, the Centre was supposed to tackle this issue in favours of destitute, but the opposite happened, when financial bodies turned their face towards private-sector, led by Ambanis and Adanis. Isn’t this shocking that Rs. 20 lakh crore had been donated in the PM cares fund and a common man is suffering to this day after analyzing the uncertainties caused due to pandemic? Is public-welfare a joke?

Privatisation of BPCL in India [Source: Eurasia News]
Changed academic syllabus 

Well, one should not startle over the issue of academic-reforms as the chapters which have been cut-down are actually not practised in India. Gone are the days when secularism, democracy and nationalism were interpreted, conceived and radiated in their genuine forms. This attack on young minds will have a very long-lasting effect in the next ruling generation.

Source: Mumbai Mirror


Border-conflict and trade war with China 


The Indo-China border had not seen any severe tensions since a few decades. Post-1975, no exchange of bullet was witnessed between the two emerging powers. But the year 2020, and its multi-dimensional impediments included border tension with China as well. This did not only cause harm to the international reputation but the internal conflicts too raised as the dependence of the Indian market on China posed a threat. The ban on imported products from China has let many industries go down in various spheres of production.

Source: The Statesman


The Death graph clocked 22k 

Although, there are innumerable justifications given by the ruling party regarding their inabilities in controlling the deaths caused by novel coronavirus but none of them managed to gain the ground. The situation is continuously being compared to that of US, UK and other developed countries. Slow claps for those who are justifying 22 thousand deaths based on this irrational comparison. How could India not curb the cases when the alarm was rung here way before all those nations? Verily, the government and their incapable plans led to everlasting destruction.


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