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Don’t Miss Diagnosis: Take Note Of Your Mental Health & Seek Professional Hel

Don't try to become an expert on mental health issues because you are not functional to do so. Just like, in case of fever you go to a doctor and take the prescribed medicines. The same should be done if you are facing any mental health issues, visit a professional, and do as advised.


Today is no World Mental Health Day, but I’m speaking about it. I want to argue about it, not because it’s trending, nor it’s the talk of the town because of celebrities like Sushant Singh Rajput or Deepika Padukone. I want to scribble about it because it is an issue that needs discussion. Mental health can be mistreated, just like physical health. The only thing which we as a society require to do is to concede that mental health issues associated with your brain do exist.

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Some of us say it is okay to be not okay, but it’s not. You need to be fine, happy and talk to someone if you feel otherwise. Sometimes you feel sad, you have low and high moods, which transforms into jitters of a nervous breakdown and even depression. And this all comes without any pre-warnings or symptoms. A happy, normal-looking person may be suffocating inside and may not have the courage to say it, to communicate. It’s not easy to understand, what the other soul is facing.

Today when we are living in times when there is a ruthless competition, rat-race of achievements before a certain age, and social media pretense. And we always tend to put a smiling picture in front of the public and it’s difficult really difficult to show your miserable side to the world.

People can celebrate with you but will not listen to you whining about your life’s ups and downs. Even if that person is adequately empathetic, then too, it will not benefit the survival or the person facing thoughtful upshot. The only thing you can do in such a scenario is to listen to the person and to not try to provide a remedy. Do not try it, Because this is a field of specialist, a professional.

Don’t try to become a consultant of mental issues because you are not functional to do so. Just like, if you have a fever you go to a doctor, take the prescribed medicines, and take rest. The same should be done if you are facing any mental issues, visit a professional, and do as advised. Do not shy away from visiting a doctor, a consultant, a therapist. It’s no such a big deal to encounter a mental breakdown in today’s situation.

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” – Fred Rogers

Every third of us is going through the same abyss, it’s better to take precautions and professional help, rather than shying away from the problems which you face. For a country like India, mental health has been a helpless topic of discussion amongst today’s adolescence.

We as a society can do a lot to remove the stigma attributed to mental health, visiting psychiatrists/psychologists because it is the need of time. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 8 lakh beings die by suicide annually over the world. Suicide is preventable, and therefore it deserves the attention of government health authorities, related organizations, and of the institutions working in the field of mental well-being.

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If any of your family members or friend is not feeling well and feels unhappy without reason, then tell them to go to a doctor, only this way we can try to remove the stigma attached to the mental health of patients.

mental health
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We as a society need a lot of development in order to come out of superstitions and myths of calling out names like Pagal and mental and all sorts of names. We also need to be easy on things, get ourselves relieved from passing decisions, and let others live peacefully. It may be a simple thing for you to pass judgment to depart a remark or a random jargon. Still, it may affect the other person’s mental health if they are highly sensitive or even if they aren’t, try to behave in a fashion which should not slander others’ rights. Everyone is going through something, don’t give excuses for being straight forward and truthful. A little politeness doesn’t come in the way of being honest.

“If we start being honest about our pain, our anger, and our shortcomings instead of pretending they don’t exist, then maybe we’ll leave the world a better place than we found it.” – Russell Wilson

There is a pandemic raging worldwide, people are losing jobs, the economy is crashing, people are struggling to manage. To me, in that very scenario, it is not required for you to go out and say things which are not going to make a positive difference in people’s life. Try to be human. It’s not that difficult to try to be empathetic to your fellow beings.

Disclaimer: All the views you’ve read are the personal views of the writer and have nothing to do with the views of TSA-The Second Angle as a media house

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  2. […] Don’t Miss Diagnosis: Take Note Of Your Mental Health & Seek Professional Help […]

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