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Mob lynching in Saharanpur; UP to become a paradise for Mobs

Another man killed in the name of communal hatred. The path on which fascism in India is rising, the future looks extensively dangerous.


Another innocent killed in the name of communal hatred. The path on which fascism in India is rising, the future looks extensively dangerous.


It dates back to 18th of June 2020, when a thirty-year-old Israr left his village Imliya, which lies 4 kilometers from Deoband, to measure furniture at a customer’s place. He was a carpenter by profession.


While he was on his way to the nearby village Kutsera, his road was blocked by some goons. One of his close relatives said, “He was beaten up mercilessly with sticks and rods in Dehra and no one came to his rescue.”


In order to cover the news and play the blame games, some people from another side alleged that Israr injured a child while riding his motorcycle.


“They are saying that he injured a child while riding his motorcycle. I met that child and he is fine but they destroyed out peace,” Gulfam, younger brother of Israr said.


Israr’s family in the justification says that the child had accidentally got injured and there was nothing done intentionally. The brother of the deceased further tells, “I wish if they had lodged a complaint or kept him captive but they turned into demons and killed him.”


Israr was a father of 3 small children and husband of a pregnant wife. His eldest daughter is 6 years old. “We haven’t told anything to the children. His body was not in such a condition that we could show it to them,” said Gulfam.


Israr was the sole earning member in the family and this adds more salt to their grief. The death has traumatized everyone and his eldest brother is in depression after the incident.



According to a report by ABP news, Israr is called as mentally sick who was mistakenly beaten to death. However, Israr’s family repudiates any such claims.


Thirty-year-old deceased family claims that he is being misreported and there is nothing such as mental sickness. According to one of his close relatives, “he was a very religious person who was associated with Tablighi Jamaat and was confined to his family and work.”

The relatives demand punishment for the culprits.


When Israr’s elder brother and some other villagers of his locality heard the news of him being beaten up, they rushed to the spot where they found Israr in an injured state. They took him to Deoband Hospital with the assistant of Police. After having diagnosed his critical condition, doctors further referred him to Saharanpur Hospital, where he breathed his last.


Later on, when a video went viral in which Israr was attacked with rods and sticks, the claims of his family turned out to be real. The video was clearly showing his helpless state and he was lying on the ground.


FIR has been lodged at Deoband Police Station against 11 people who all are residents of Dehra.


Since the venom was spread by the mainstream media against the Tablighi Jamaat, many people associated or seems to be associated with this group are being targeted. Although, the allegations that were raised later turned out to be untrue and many doctored videos and audios were being circulated on social media. But the damage that has already been done is consistently causing more and more lives




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