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Nagaland Man Converts His Car into An Ambulance, Helps many including 48 Expecting Women during the Pandemic

Hongnao Konyak, a 39-year-old COVID-19 warrior from Mon, Nagaland. Konyak went beyond being a mere benefactor in the tough times of the pandemic and saved the lives of 48 mothers.


While many argue that Frontliners are found only in the hospitals in the face of healthcare workers, refuting this statement, let’s read a story of Hongnao Konyak, a 39-year-old COVID-19 warrior from Mon, Nagaland. Konyak went beyond being a mere benefactor in the tough times of the pandemic and saved the lives of 48 mothers.

Naga social worker turns his car into ambulance, helps 48 women deliver safely- The New Indian Express
Hongnao konyak (Source: The Indian Express)

He also served several other patients in a remote Nagaland district and is no less considered a saviour on Mon now. In-fact a “Guardian Angel”.

In the time of the pandemic, where people are hardly stepping out of their houses, Konyak has utilised his car and turned it into an ambulance. He has served more than 100 patients so far in the districts including pregnant women nearing their deliveries, this pandemic.
“My neighbour was going through labour pain, but the holed up at home as a vehicle was not available in the lockdown. Then, someone told us about this guardian angel. So, we contacted him, and he arrived in no time” said Eunice Talib, a resident of Mon in an interview with the Indian Express.

Hongnao Konyak approached the District Task Force expressing his eagerness to serve the patients in the pandemic. Konyak also shared his contact information at various levels so that he can be reached for help. The people who live across Mon sharing boundaries with Myanmar came to know about this service through District Administration.

“One day, I saw a patient in my neighbourhood struggling as vehicles were difficult to come by. I used my car and took him to the hospital. The act egged me on to help others. I thought I could save the lives of patients by using my car. I sought to mobilise people for the purpose, but none came forward. From April to August, I had turned my car into an ambulance. I had many sleepless nights”, Konyak said in an interview with the Indian Express.

“When I helped the first patient, I thought I should continue this service. I approached the district administration permitted mission and publicised my service. People came to know about me. Soon, I started getting a lot of calls”, he added.

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Credit: The Indian Express

Sometimes he drives too far off places also, like Tezpur, Assam as per the need arises. He remembers driving far to take a mentally unstable woman to a hospital for treatment and after the completion of the treatment, back to Mon.
Talking about his experiences in these months to the Indian Express, Konyak said “I had to spend a lot of money on fuel. The only help I received was from a petrol pump on Mon. It offered me 50 litres of fuel,”
Hongnao concludes, “My father had gifted me the car. He is happy that it was used to save lives”.

The District Magistrate Thavaseelan K of Mon honoured Hongnao’s services by asserting, “It’s a thoughtful gesture. We are grateful to him. He was one person who had come forward to help the administration during the pandemic. Then, there are the Konyak Union and other civil society organisations which helped us a lot”.

As humans, we’re all limited in our physical capacities. We don’t fly, can’t walk on water or see-through the walls like a comic superhero but, what we all can do is at least extend our hand towards the ailing society if we are capable enough. A little contribution counts a lot, and Hongano Konyak is a living example for all of us.
TSA salutes such souls and promises to bring stories to our readers of people like Konyak who have moved an extra mile by doing little they could.

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