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Bharat Mata a Goddess: But How Safe are our Females?

A woman’s enormous fear is that someday she might be a victim of sexual violence.


By the time you end reading this article, a woman was raped somewhere in India, already. I am putting down this with the tiniest ray of hope that someone of you might be reading it introspecting what is precisely erroneous with the entire humanity. A morally dead and decayed nation taking pride in its tradition, culture, calling Bharat as Mata or “Goddess” has eventually failed its women.

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Let me enlighten you with some alarming facts and figure about the crime against women in India(Bharat).

The NCRB(National crime report bureau) specifies how women in India are increasingly becoming unsafe. Crime against women is the highest in Uttar Pradesh(15.3%) in comparison to other states. NCRB data shows that in 2019, Uttar Pradesh topped the state in crimes against women with a whopping 59,853 cases, followed by Rajasthan and Maharashtra with 41,550 and 37,144 cases respectively. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. Statistics says that every 15 minute, on an average in India a woman becomes a victim of Rape. Most of the Rape cases aren’t even registered as it’s still contemplated like a taboo to report Rape case in India. Rape culture is normalized to such extent, where people believe it as a cycle of life which will persist till eternity. Above all, A civilized Indian society outrage is noticeable when the details of what the Rapists did to the body, apart from raping it comes out. People specifying the degree of brutality in Rape are oblivious of the verity that Rape in itself is brutal no matter how it happened.

Image Credit: Times Of India

The condition of women in India has highly worsened with an increasing number of crime and rape rates against them over years. With the status of women equal to deity have been constrained to commoditizing the female body.

Sex is a biological construct and gender a cultural construct which thereby substantiates women aren’t born feminine and men aren’t born masculine. I significantly behave like a woman not because it is natural for me to do so but I was taught to do so. All the traits we attribute with masculine and feminine behaviour are cultivated, and not innate. The most important question emanates here…How are men socially programmed in an Indian society?


Boys are boys and girl must learn to behave like ladies.” (Humour me.)

Patriarchy is by definition sexist and Indian men have left no qualm in validating it. Traditional gender roles cast men as rational, strong, guarding and decisive, they cast women timid, irrational and submissive. The projection of women in Indian society is stereotyped as either “good girls”(gentle, virginal, submissive) or “bad girls”(aggressive, worldly, whore). This is how sexist ideology continues to sway us. The objectification of women in Indian movies is highly applaudable (no wonder). The only role of an actress would be to amuse the actor or dance on derogatory cringe-worthy lyrics having long-ranging repercussions on society.

Patriarchy holds Indian women back from participating in politics — Quartz India
Representative Image (Source: Qz.com)

From Sheila ki jawani (The prime youth of Sheila) to Kundi mat khadkao Raja, seedha Andar ago Raja, (Don’t knock at my door mister, just come in directly) we have seen it all. Internalizing the idea of women as an object is being done for ages. In a random regressive advertisement, an XYZ deodorant brand would claim, use me and get a woman, an underwear company would claim wear me and get a woman. Endorsing condoms in a country which is inferred to have prominent rape culture with sloppiest slogans(If she’s eager protect her beaver.) create a false ideology among the masses where misogynist, sexist men believe having the right condom can make them an instant hit with the women.

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Image Credit: Mankind

Pornography is the theory, Rape is the practice.”(Morgan,1980)

The elements in porn distort one’s view of reality. The correlation between porn and rape is apparent because the former is approximately the representation of the hedonistic society whose definition of pleasure is limited by one single criterion; consent. Indian telecom operators have deterred several adult sites, yet their contents can easily be accessed. Even before the official restrictions kick in late March, data shows the country fastest-growing smartphone market, reported a 20 percent jump in consuming porn content.

Pornography: the Modern Day Anti-Semitism | The Abolitionist Movement
Credit: The Abolitionist Movement

Indian men are the flag bearers of patriarchy creating a second class status for women. Along with the wave of women empowerment, there emerged a new set of problems. When a woman begins to set on her own she automatically becomes vulnerable to male derision and resentment.

With the standardized patriarchy, women at the same time are battling two ongoing pandemics(COVID19 and Domestic violence.) A 50% drift in domestic violence has been reported during the nationwide lockdown. The NALSA report showed the increased cases in Haryana and Delhi with an aggregate of 144 cases of abuse registered. Behind the veil; a woman is being beaten up to death by her husband. A girl/child is forcefully raped by her father, uncle, colleague. (the list goes on.)The data displays that 90% of the victim knows their sex offender and he uses it comfortably as a boon. The minor girls are coerced into prostitution where they are sexually exploited. One of the most prevalent forms of sexual abuse and exploitation in India is child marriage.

Bharat Mata a Goddess
Complaint received by the National Commission for Women during the initial stage of Lockdown (Credit: Deccan Herald)

A rape victim’s name top trending on porn sites is a disgrace in itself. It is saddening, infuriating and heart-wrenching to discern how repressed, perverted India and it’s men are. In Uttar Pradesh, sale of gang rape videos is said to be on a surge. (Time for the earth to hit a reset button.)

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The famous quote by George Santayana:

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child” amply echoes upon the implication of moral/informal education. With no adequate modification in the education system,  such atrocities will continue to exacerbate.

Ensuring the safety of girls and women should top the government list but do we mull over the fact where this country is heading to. There’s a huge scope of improvement and the government must ensure things improve from their end. I will not jump into exaggerating various measures which could be introduced for women safety as it lies in the hands of the authority. As an individual, I am obligatory to acknowledge that this evil is beyond law and order. Perchance, do we see our individual role in combatting this evil?

I wish I could have ended it on a positive note but with my bitter experience with sexual assault gives me no hope.

This is not my issue.

This is not an issue about women.

This is an issue about your mother,

Your daughter,

Your sister,

Your wife,

This is your issue as much as it’s any woman’s issue.


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