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PUBG To Mark Its Return In India: Huge Investment of $100 Millions On The Way

The battle royale game was banned in India along with other 117 Chinese apps following Indo-China border tension. Now, PUBG has announced its return to the Indian gaming industry.


Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) stood out to be a remarkable leap in the Indian e-sport scene with more than 50 million active users alone from India.  The ban on the game in September amid the Indo-China border tension to ensure cybersecurity left users and the parent company in a shock. Since then users were waiting for the return of the battle royale game.

PUBG corporations have announced that they are coming back with the new version of the game called ‘PUBG Mobile India’ which has been created specifically for the Indian market.

“The major focus of the new game is to ensure data security of the users and serious concern towards the local regulations. To build and foster a healthy gameplay environment, in-game content will be improved and tailored to reflect local needs.” The announcement stated.  

PUBG has cut ties with long-time Chinese counterpart and 10% stakes owner in the game, Tencent. The internet giant provided the publication of the game in India and ending ties with Tencent will free PUBG from all Chinese relations in India leaving no violation of norms and regulations by the game in continuing in the Indian market. With this move, PUBG Corporation expects no counter questions from the government over the launch.

Recently, PUBG made a global deal with Microsoft to move all PUBG Mobile data to Azure and Microsoft operates three cloud regions in India. PUBG is committed to the privacy and data security concerns for its comeback in the Indian market.

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Moreover, the company and its parent firm, KRAFTON said that they plan to make an investment worth $100 million in India, one of the largest markets of PUBG Mobile, to cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries ecosystems. It also plans for more than 100 employees in the country.

The new version dedicated to Indian users will come with additional customization for a better gameplay experience.

The company didn’t promise a fixed date for the launch, they posted the poster of ‘PUBG Mobile India’ saying ‘coming soon.’ The major highlight of the poster is that the game is specifically dedicated to ‘Indian’ users.

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More than 50 million users and the budding e-sports market in India made PUBG a marquee game. The users and the gaming community are eagerly waiting for the launch of the game and they just can’t wait to continue their battle royale gaming experience.


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