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Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Rangoli Chandel Sparks New Controversy, This Time With Veteran Shabana Azmi

Rangoli Chandel called out Veteran Shabana Azmi on her comment about Rangoli's sister, Kangana, in an interview. Read more to know the full story....


Till now Kangana was making headlines with respect to different matters, but now her sister, Rangoli Chandel is seen speaking on matters related to Kangana. A protective sibling attitude is shown towards Kangana by Rangoli.

In the latest report that has come in light just now tells us that Rangoli Chandel has slammed veteran Shabana Azmi for calling out her sister Kangana in a recent interview given to the Mumbai Mirror, in which Shabana Ji said that Kangana is afraid of meeting the day when her fame will fade away in oblivion. Therein Shabana Azmi also advised Kangana to stick to what she is best at i.e. acting, and do not strive every now and then to remain in limelight by making irresponsible statements about the film industry and people working there for years, without any substantial evidence.

Read the full interview, here.

The recent attack of Rangoli Chandel on Shabana Azmi is solely linked to what she said about her sister in the interview. Rangoli didn’t hesitate in taking to Instagram story slamming Mrs Azmi’s comments, where she wrote – “Here comes the suicide gang! Dear Shabana ji I have a few questions for you and your husband. Why don’t you both also stick to your respective acting and poetry? Why do you guys actively participate in anti-India politics? To remain in headlines? Or you feel for certain issues? If your anti-India agendas are genuine then why can’t her pro-India agendas be genuine as well? Why different rules for her and different for you.”

Screenshot of Rangoli Chandel’s Instagram story (Image Credit: Pinkvilla)

Rangoli Chandel has earlier said in the media that even Shabana Azmi’s husband Javed Akhtar, who is a lyricist, had threatened Kangana for taking back comments made against actor Hrithik Roshan a couple of years ago.

While giving the interview, Shabana Azmi has herself shown concern about an undeniable fact that there are issues with Bollywood but also pitied Kangana for seeing every person from there under the same lens of being exploiter, which she declared is very unjust. Her words were sharply pointed towards Kangana.

Going back yo the history, the actress, Kangana has even called Shabana Azmi an anti-national.

In past few months since the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Kanagan is observed to be busy running her own parallel investigation on the case through her tweets, interviews, etc. She had not left any single chance to attack people from the industry, claiming that all of whom she called out had a connection to Sushant’s death. But in a recent medical report out by a team of 7 doctors of AIIMS, it has been notified unanimously by them that there are no traces of murder, which clarifies all the doubt raised by Kangana and indicated that he had committed suicide.


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