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Ravn X is the World’s Biggest and most Thrilling Drone

Aevum unveiled the world's biggest aircraft system, Ravn X.


Advancements in the area of space logistics are witnessing new heights with the rollout of the world’s largest unmanned aircraft system( UAS) by Aevum, Inc.

According to the company that landed U.S Space Force as a client, Ravn X would carry satellites to orbit as rapidly as one in every 180 minutes.

Automated Launch is a modern way of space access. Aevum‘s Autonomous Launch requires a global, completely self-managed, self-flying, self-operating intelligent system called the Autonomous Launch Architecture, working together to deliver payloads from any ground source to any space destination in the low-earth orbit.

Ravn X, as claimed by Aevum, will provide on-demand accurate orbital delivery schedules as fast as every 180 minutes, 24/7, with no threat to human life. The largest UAS has been designed with reusability in mind with current efficacy at 70%. Future designs claim the device will be 95 % reusable. After its delivery to low-earth orbit, the UAS returns to Earth.

Ravn X is 80 ft. long, has a 60 ft. wingspan, is 18 ft. tall, and has a net takeoff weight of 55,000 lbs.

“The current definition of rocket science doesn’t work for us. With Aevum, everyone will be able to say, ‘It is rocket science and I can do it.’ Aevum is pushing logistics to the next generation with software and automation technologies,” said Jay Skylus, founder of Aevum. “U.S. leadership has identified the critical need for extremely fast access to low-Earth orbit. Through our autonomous technologies, Aevum will shorten the lead time of launches from years to months. ”

Aevum was founded in 2016 by CEO Jay Skylus and concentrated early on design, software, and rocket construction. By 2019, the company had made good strides, but it needed a deal to finance its first launch.

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The Company has secured contracts worth more than a billion dollars including the delivery of 360 U.S Space Force satellites.

Ravn X will make it easier to access space

The revolutionary RavnX technology will accelerate growth in all directions, by reducing barriers of space access by cost, time, and efficiency.

Commerical access to space will open up the gates for a lucrative, sustainable, and endless stream of revenue that will usher in an era of unprecedented economic development.

Elon Musk’s Starlink project which has already launched 1000 satellites, the project will greatly benefit from developments in space logistics as the plan is to launch 11000 more. Currently, the cost of Ravn X is less than Elon’s SpaceX options for low orbit payload delivery.

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