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Republican Consultant takes Trump down with his Book, “the room where it happened”

Republican Consultant takes Trump down with his Book, "the room where it happened"



Former national security advisor of the USA and Republican consultant John Bolton in his Whitehouse memoir “The Room Where It Happened” narrates his 17 months long experience of working with Trump during which he eviscerates Donald Trump’s image calling him a corrupt, poorly informed and reckless leader. He claims that Trump used the power of his office to make decisions motivated by a continued thirst for power (sounds familiar to India?)

Ukraine Impeachment trials 

In September 2019, Trump was on the stand fighting for his power in the office. For once the Democrats had enough on him in the Ukrainian conspiracy theory and got approvals from the Lower House to get him impeached.


During the trials, the heart of the Republican’s defence depended on the second-hand evidence offered by the witness. Had Bolton spoke out at the moment he could have proved Democrats allegations on Trump’s abuse of power.

In the book, however, he came out with his account of the Ukraine conspiracy which indicates Trump’s explicit use of taxpayer’s money as leverage to extract help from another country for his political campaign.

Favouring the autocrats 

According to Bolton’s claims, Trump gave personal favours to dictators ‘he liked’ including Xi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Furthermore, he also claimed that  Trump endorsed Beijing’s concentration camps for Uighurs, a prison for Chinese Muslims that has been in talks for its racism, brutality, and infringement of fundamental human rights.

He comments on nearly every extravagant foreign policy undertaken by Trump. He called the withdrawal of US troops from Syria a “big mistake”; the “slowness and lack of agility” of his Venezuela policy was “painful to watch” and also of his coddling of the North Korean President.


Now, John Bolton is a well-seasoned man known in the Republican and Conservative circles as a credible person. If this book hits the markets it is bound to have an impact in the upcoming elections. It has already startled the Whitehouse as it officially warned Bolton’s team to stop publication on the grounds of it including confidential data. What’s interesting is that the book is approved by the NSC, National Security Council. 

If the claims in the book are investigated and proved then that ought to look bad on the Republicans who have blindly defended Trump and dismissed his critics time and again. Or it could be another ploy by the Left who is using Bolton to turn the elections around. All in all, it is going to be an eye-opener or at least an entertaining read.



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