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15 Interesting Royal Perks That Only The Queen of England Elizabeth II Enjoys

From the crown and the jewels the Queen of England Elizabeth II enjoys some surprising perks that may be weird but interesting. Read to know.


We all are aware of the royalty of Queen Elizabeth II but there are some interesting privileges enjoyed by the Queen that are specific to her.

From driving around without a license to having ownership of all the dolphins and swans Queen Elizabeth II enjoys some unique perks that will awestruck you.

Here are 15 of them.

  1. The Queen can drive without the license

Yes, one of the perks of being a Queen is that she can drive without the license anywhere in England. Interestingly the Queen doesn’t have to have number plate either.

Picture Credits – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

2. The Queen needs no passport

The Queen needs no passport and the reason behind this is all the passports are issued in the name of the Queen. However, this privilege is limited to only Queen and other members of the Royal family are not entitled to this privilege.

Picture Credits- Daily Express

3. The keeper of all dolphins


This is yet another perk. The Queen has the ownership of all the dolphin in the range of 3 miles of Britain’s shore.

Picture Credits- The Economic Times

4. The Queen enjoys ownership over all the swans in England

Apart from owning all the Dolphin, the Queen has ownership over all the swans in England. She actually counts them every year. All the swans that are unmarked in the open water belong to the Queen.

Picture credits-The Daily Mail

5. The Queen of England is the only person who  can eat the Swan

Not only the Queen owns all the Swans in England but also is allowed to eat it. British Monarchy has a liking for swans and even passed a law in the 12th century to enjoy the delicacy to themselves alone.

6. The Queen has a poet laureate who writes for her.

A recognised poet is given this title. A person whose writing is of national significance. The current poet laureate is Simon Armitage who was announced in May 2019. His duty includes writing on significant events happening around.

Picture Credits –

7. She has her own ATM in the basement

This privilege is enjoyed by the Queen as well as the Royal family. ATM is installed in the basement of the Buckingham Palace.

Picture credits-The Original Tour

8. No bill is passed as law until the Queen approves

A bill is approved by both the Houses of Parliament then the Queen approves and gives the final consent which is called Royal Assent.

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Picture Credits-AP News

9. The Queen of England is also the Queen of Australia

Although the functions of the state are under the Governor-general in Australia the head of the state is the Queen.

queen if England

10. The Queen can never be executed


Yes, you heard it right! The Queen cannot be persecuted because of the special privilege she enjoys under Sovereign immunity.

11. She is the Head of the church of England

As per her title ‘defender of the faith and supreme governor of the Church of England,’ the Queen is the Head of the Church.

Picture Credits- The Maravi Post

12. The Queen celebrates two birthdays

How interesting! The Queen of England celebrates two birthdays one is her official birthday on 21st April and the other one as ‘royal birthday’ on second Saturday in June.

queen elizabeth
Picture Credots-China Daily

13. The Queen can ban laughter

Why would she do so?


The Queen will exercise power even after her death. She will control the airing on public TV after her death. From twelve days from her death, the Queen has banned any public channel programming humorous show.

14. Staff wears Queen’s shoes in for her

A staff member wears Queen’s shoes and breaks them in for the Queen because the Queen does not have time to wear in her own shoes.

royal family
Picture Credits-Heart Radio

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  1. […] 15 Interesting Royal Perks That Only The Queen Of England Elizabeth II Enjoys […]

  2. […] 15 Interesting Royal Perks That Only The Queen of England Elizabeth II Enjoys […]

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