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10 golden rules of entrepreneurship by Grant Cardone

Remember this word entrepreneurship is unmerciful and you have to learn from golden rules. Never settle for the average.


In the world of uncertainties assuming fantasies and reveries is ridiculous and imbecility. Life is full of hurdles, so one should be equipped for the worst and hope for the best. Likewise, the business world is unrelenting, and so is the world of entrepreneurship.

One should not deny the severe actualities of the business world. Because unfortunately living in fantasy will make you face the consequences in the long term.

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So, to succeed in life, you need to open your eyes and recognise the world as it actually is. In the world of business, fairytales and daydreams seem to end.


Here, we are recording some most important tips to print the truth, and thereby raising the possibilities of success in your entrepreneurial endeavours.
According to Grant Cardone, an international sales expert, and real state fund manager, 10 disturbing realities must be taken care of:

1. You need continuous money in terms of income, savings, and investment.

2. The world of business is unfair. After doing all the right things, you may not have a payoff.

3. Life is terrible for too many.


4. Be prepared to be deceived, let down, and betrayed because there are people in figures against you than people pulling for you.

5. Despite all other obstacles such as competition, economy, and divorce, you remain your most significant impediment.

6. You are not worthy of anything you have not earned because you do not owe anything and neither entitled to anything.

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7. You’ve to be willing to do things you do not want to do.

8. It’s not important for people to like you but must buy your product, so you must know how to sell it.

9. Learn the art of negotiation and making sense.

10. You’re always working for someone. It can be customers or shareholders. There is nothing like working for your own self.


Therefore, if you are enthusiastic about stepping into the world of entrepreneurship or are already striving there, remember this world is unmerciful, and you have to learn from these life lessons. Never settle for the norm.

Quoting the man himself,

“Great generals don’t play defense and wait for the enemy to attack. They go on offense but before they lead their forces into battle they have a plan and they execute on the plan even when the unexpected happens. Of course, we all know, things rarely play out as planned but if the organization executes on the plan they maximize the chances of victory.  Battlefield or boardroom, it doesn’t matter.”

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