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Best Smartwatches to Buy Under ₹5000 this Diwali Season [With Pros and Cons]

The Diwali season is here, and you wouldn't want to miss out on these great watches available under ₹5000. Fret not they may be affordable but these watches do not compromise on features.


It’s that time of the year again. The festival of light and joy and of course the festival of shopping too. One of the most popular categories in Diwali is the electronics and everything is becoming ‘Smart’ nowadays. One of the rising Electronics in the ‘Smart’ is the Smartwatch.

Manufacturers are stepping up their game by releasing good affordable Smartwatches every year. This is great for the customer as more competition = lower prices and better innovation. This Diwali Season, there a lot of offers in Flipkart’s Big Billion Days and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival.

1. Amazfit Verge Lite

(Price: ₹4,999)

(Image Credit: www.amazfit.com)

Amazfit is the Best Smartwatch in India under ₹5,000. It was launched in India for ₹6,999, however, it was later discounted to ₹4,999. At this price, this watch is an amazing purchase. It is a feature-rich watch with great fitness tracking and software support.

Design and Display

The Design of the watch is spectacular. It has a rounded shell and the watch looks much better than the square watches that are in this category. The watch comes in two colours; space grey and snowflake white. The watch has some heft and is somewhat thick, that is due to the massive 390 mAh battery, more on the battery life later. However, reviewers and customers have stated that it is very comfortable to wear even for long hours. It has an anti-fingerprint coating too.

The Amazfit Verge Lite has a 1.3” AMOLED display. The outdoor visibility is great and you won’t find any problem using it under direct sunlight. There are 10+ watch faces available in the app, plus it has customizable watch faces, so you can set your own watch face, though the process is somewhat tricky.

Fitness Tracking

The overall fitness tracking of the watch is very accurate. It accurately tracks the steps and workout. It automatically detects outdoor workouts and indoor workouts. It has a built-in GPS and GLONASS, so you won’t have to take your phone with you during the workout.

It tracks sleep with near-perfect accuracy and breaks the data into deep sleep and light sleep. Though it doesn’t track REM sleep, which was not a given at this price point. Heart rate monitoring is mediocre.

Features and Software

The Amazfit has GPS and GLONASS which lets you track your workout without a phone. The battery life is amazing with the massive 390 mAh battery, in daily usage, you can expect 2 weeks of battery life easily. The watch is IP68 water-resistant, which means it can survive 30 minutes of immersion at the water level up to 1.5m, it is not advisable to swim with the watch.

On the software side too, the watch is loaded with features like Event Reminder, Smart Notifications, Call Control, and Music Control, etc. The watch’s companion app is the Mi Fit, which is updated regularly. The app provides useful graphs and data too.


  • Bright AMOLED Display and Great Outdoor Visibility. Anti-Fingerprint Coating
  • Beautiful Design and Colours
  • Spectacular Battery Life (2 weeks)
  • Accurate GPS and GLONASS (No need to take phone during workouts)
  • Great Software Support and Connectivity
  • Accurate Fitness Tracking
  • IP 68 Water Resistant (30 minutes immersion at water level up to 1.5m; Not suitable for swimming)



  • No SpO2 and Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Mediocre Heart Rate monitoring
  • You can store only 2 watch faces at a time
  • No Always-On Display

Score: 9/10

[The watch is available at a discounted price in Flipkart’s Big Billion Days]

Link To Buy: Amazfit Verge Lite

2. Crossbeats Ace Smart Watch

(Price: ₹4,999)

(Image Credit: crossbeats.com)

Crossbeats Ace Smartwatch comes in at a close second to the Amazfit Verge Lite. This is a more recent launch and the watch includes modern features like SpO2 and Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Design and Display

The Crossbeat Ace Smartwatch has a classic smartwatch design that looks pretty well. The watch comes in black colour which is accented with teal. The watch comes in the only colour and the straps are non-removable. The watch is very light and maybe just be the lightest smartwatch in the ₹4,999 category.

The watch has a 1.3” IPS LCD, though not an AMOLED but still is pretty decent. The watch gets plenty bright and is comfortable to use outdoors. There are 250+ watch faces available to choose from the app and it can store 4 watch faces. It has a hologram theme throughout the watch, it looks gimmicky rather than futuristic.

Fitness Tracking

The fitness tracking of the watch is great and is on par with more premium smartwatches in the segment. The heart monitoring and step count are very accurate. There are 8 different workout modes, though it doesn’t automatically detect workout, unlike Amazfit Verge Fit.

The watch sleep tracking is good. However, the sleep data shown in the app isn’t well organized and displayed.

Features and Software

This is where the watch falls somewhat short of other watches in the category. The watch has nailed the basic functionalities, however, its companion app ‘Da Fit’ lacks the same features and flair as the ‘Mi Fit’ app.

Otherwise, the watch has great features like Notifications, Camera Control, Call Control, and Music Control, etc.


Bright Display and Great Outdoor Visibility

  • SpO2 and Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Accurate Fitness and Sleep Tracking
  • Nice Collection of WatchFaces (250+)
  • Light and Thin Smartwatch
  • Basic Functionalities are pretty good on the companion app
  • IP 68 Water Resistant (30 minutes immersion at water level up to 1.5m; Not suitable for swimming)
  • 1 Week of Battery Life


  • The app isn’t as good as Mi Fit (Lack of Data and graphs)
  • The Watch has an LCD screen
  • It only comes in one colour
  • The Hologram UI is a gimmick
  • No Automatic Fitness Tracking

Score: 8.5/10

Link to buy: Crossbeats Ace Smart Watch

3. NoiseFit Evolve

(Price: ₹4,499)

Image Credit: www.gonoise.com

Noise is an Indian Company that has been making affordable smartwatches. The watches have gotten great reviews from the tech gurus and the customers alike. The NoiseFit Evolve smartwatch offers premium features at an affordable price.

Design and Display

The watch itself is very slim and the build quality is great. The watch has a clean look and looks like a modern classic. At first glance, one may not even notice that it is a Smartwatch. The watch has removable straps and can be fitted with third party straps. The watch is available in 4 colours; Sport Slate Black, Slate Black, Dusk Blue, and Blush Pink.

The Noise ColorFit Evolve has a 1.2” AMOLED display, that gets plenty bright and has nice outdoor visibility. It has only 5 watch faces and doesn’t have a customizable watch face, though I feel like the clean design of the default watch face will work for everyone.

Fitness Tracking

The fitness tracking Is very accurate when it comes to work out and step count. The same goes for heart-rate monitoring. It measures the heart accurately and stores them in the watch to sync with the app later. The watch has built-in GPS and GLONASS, so you won’t have to take your phone with you during workouts.

The sleep tracking is very good, though it doesn’t feature REM sleep tracking.

Features and Software

The app is well-built and has adequate data and graphs for workout and sleep. It has all the basic smartwatch features like Call Control, Music Control, Notifications and Camera Control, etc. The watch also features a compass which can be handy to see the vast and help in praying.


  • Bright and Colourful AMOLED display
  • Modern Classic Design
  • Companion App is well made
  • It has a built-in GPS, GLONASS, and compass.
  • IP-68 Water Resistant (Not Suitable for Swimming)
  • Accurate Fitness Tracking
  • Great Build Quality


  • No SpO2 and Blood Pressure Sensors
  • Lack of customizable watch faces and only 5 watch faces
  • Poor Battery Life (3 days)
  • Fragile Charging Mechanism
  • Slightly More Expensive than Competition

Score: 8.5/10

Link to buy: NoiseFit Evolve

4. Huami Amazfit Bip U

(Price: ₹3,499)

Image Credit: www.amazfit.com

The Amazfit Bip U will launch on October 16th during the Amazon Great Indian Festival. With the specifications, this watch is easily the best value for the money smartwatch in this segment.

Design and Display

The Amazfit Bip U features a 1.4” 320×302 resolution TFT display, the resolution of the watch is a great upgrade over the Amazfit Bip Lite and Amazfit Bip S Lite that had low-resolution displays. The watch is extremely light weighing at just 31g. It has an anti-fingerprint coating. It is available in 3 colours; Black, Green, and Pink

The past displays of Amazfit had some of the best outdoor visibility and I think this watch will easily continue that trend as it has a TFT display. The smartwatch features customizable watch faces and over 50 preloaded watch faces in the companion app.

Fitness Tracking

The Amazfit Bip U smartwatch features the BioTrackertm 2 PPG sensor, this is the latest and advanced Heart-Rate sensor developed by Huami and will power their flagship watches like Amazfit GTR 2.  So, you can easily expect fitness tracking to be top-notch. The watch also features a SpO2 sensor.

The Amazfit Bip U smartwatch also supports the PAI score, this is a much better method to track fitness and stress levels.

Features and Software

The watch will feature the much-appreciated app, the ‘Zepp App’ app. It will feature stress monitoring, various fitness monitoring modes like the Mi Watch Revolve. It is 50m water-resistant and can be used while swimming.

It will feature all the basic software features like Music Control, Message Notification, and Mobile Control, etc.

Pros (Expected):

  • 1.4” TFT Colour display and Great Outdoor Visibility. Anti-Fingerprint coating
  • Lightweight and Stylish Smartwatch
  • Great Software support
  • Flagship PPG Sensor (Should have amazing Fitness and Heart Rate Tracking)
  • Stress Level monitoring and PAI Score
  • 50+ custom Watchfaces and Customizable Watchfaces
  • 50m Water Resistance (Can swim with the watch)
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracker


  • Expected to have 4-5 day battery life
  • No GPS-GLONASS (GPS-GLONASS is only available in Amazfit Bip U Pro)
  • Cheap Build Quality and Somewhat Big Bezels
  • No Automatic Fitness Tracking

Score: 8/10

[The watch will launch at a special introductory price of ₹5,999 ₹3,499 during the Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale.]

Link to Buy: Huami Amazfit Bip U

5. Huami Amazfit Bip S

(Price: ₹3,999)

(Image Credit: amazfit.com)

The Huami Amazfit Bip S has been best the budget smartwatch in the segment for a long time, however, that was changed by fierce competition and new launches, though no list is complete without its mention.

Design and Display

The Amazfit Bip S features a 1.28” colour TFT display. The display is a low resolution in contrast with the high-resolution display of Amazfit Bip U (No Pun Intended, get it…contrast). The watch is also very lightweight weighing at just 31g. The watch is available in 3 colours: Red, Black, and White.

Being a TFT, it has amazing outdoor visibility. The Watch features 50+ custom watch faces available in the companion app and 5 watch faces are preloaded in the watch itself.

Fitness Tracking

The watch comes with 10 sport modes. The fitness tracking is good, however, it lacks the modern sensors like SpO2 and Blood Pressure monitoring. The step tracking is good but not the best. It doesn’t track workout automatically.

The sleep and heart-rate monitoring are very accurate and the app displays useful data and graphs.

Features and Software

The watch is paired with the ‘Zepp App’ and is extremely useful. The UI is great and so are the data and graphs are given. It also has GPS and GLONASS, so you don’t need to take your phone to your workout.

The watch features all the basic app features like Camera Control, Music Control, Event Reminder, and Notifications, etc.


  • The Watch features a 1.28” TFT screen. Great Outdoor visibility. Anti-Fingerprint Coating.
  • The watch has GPS and GLONASS (No need to take a phone during workouts)
  • 50+ watch faces and has customizable watch faces too.
  • Great Software and UI
  • 5atm/50m water resistance
  • 2 weeks of battery life
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • It has an in-built compass


  • Doesn’t record outdoor workout sessions if there’s no GPS lock
  • No AMOLED Display
  • Low-Resolution Screen
  • No Automatic Fitness Tracking

Score: 7/10

Link to buy: Huami Amazfit Bip S

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