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Insane social networking leading to compulsory viewing

People now find it difficult to read books. Only after a couple of pages, their fingers desire for a keyboard. They try to meditate with their mind stifled. As this enticement of social networking grows louder, it is encompassing a virtual world around us.


What is the first thing you pick up once you wake up in the morning? Your toothbrush or your smartphone? Everyone’s morning commences with full immersion in the world of internet and social networking, jumping from site to site, tweet to tweet, countless images, videos, memes, and whatnot. Sometimes people even end up circulating wrong information without cross-checking the source. We are living on the web, and so nobody is ever alone for even a moment.

The unimaginable pace of Social Networking is a reality today

Popular social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram gave everyone the equivalent of their blog and their audience. People are getting connected instantly forcing them to accustom as relentlessly as they could. Twitter became one of the most instant forms of blogging. People display their micro thoughts and also get addicted to feedback in the process. Then there is a range of applications available online ready to provide a never-ending virtual living. People are filled with the pieces of code, the pictures of their vacations, and public display of affection. It is taking a toll on people’s physical and mental wellness.

Social Networking
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Extensively accessed social media platform with an audience of 10,000 people a day. A new emerging business that seems profitable, a constant stream of things to make you happy, sad, infuriated, irritated all at the same time. A regular dopamine rinse, big and beautiful data, consoling everyone to be perfect in their life.

People now find it difficult to read books, only after a couple of pages their fingers desire for a keyboard. They try to meditate with their mind stifled. As this enticement of the virtual world grows louder and louder, a person may seem to be silent and working on a laptop, but is immersed in a constant crowd of words, images, sound, and ‘content’, basically ‘virtual noise.’ 

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In the year 2020, with a global pandemic, people realized that they are restriction and through the use of social media channelled their denial. Now, they have understood that online life has become a supplement to real life. They are sharing almost all their personal details and have nobody to communicate with in real life. Every minute you are engrossed in virtual interaction, this takes away a human encounter. Multitasking is a mirage in the world of virtual and becomes a zero-sum question. You are either living as a voice online or as a human being, in the world that humans had lived in since the beginning of time. You can’t be both at the same time.

Internet is killing


People were living happily in their homes talking to actual humans, but as invention came, like good humans all ready to adapt and adjust without evident deterioration. This new era is an error of mass damage and mass destruction too. You are either hitting likes on Facebook or swiping profiles on Tinder. YouTubers upload 400 hours of video every day! This rapid-fire pace of adding new details, every minute is now called ‘content.’ Humans are also witnessing this content in the form of writing or video, or photography no longer requiring buying a magazine paper or their favourite book. Do not think that you have any control over these lures you click on because the technologist has the ideal algorithm discovered. You are only jumping like a maniac.

You have no control over this temptation. The presence of smartphones is indispensable. Before, there was a computer at your desktop, but with the use of a smartphone, it is omnipresent! The only places left are on the airplane, subway, and wildness of the dense forests. Even the backpacks of hikers have a portable charger these days. The only safe place that still exists is the shower or the swimming pools. Users may not be aware of how much they use their smartphones, but a study shows that a person uses his/her smartphone 5 hours a day, at 85 separate times, sometimes for less than 30 seconds, but they just add up.

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The technology had controlled around one-third of the young adult’s waking hours. The presence of social media and smartphones often feel like pleasure because they provide the best means of eliminating worry. They are also popular among users because they’re a massive platform for gossip. Also, they get us hooked on to the information. The recent development of Snapchat provided exchanging of about 1000 to 4000 snaps per day. This evolution can prove fatal in the coming time. Look around the people who are hooked to do their phones while they are walking on the streets or driving their cars, walking their dogs, or playing with their children. Glance around and you’ll find people continually staring down on their screens, whether they are in line for a coffee or visiting a museum.

Social networking detox needed

We seriously need detox at this point until it becomes much more disconcerting. We are taking our social media connections as validation. There is no denial about it, but only until we get processed to accept at what cost it comes. There are various downsides to everything, virtual life is simply a top layer of our off-line life. Try meeting people, have a heart-to-heart conversation rather than just typing and texting on your phone. It is rightly said you are, where your attention is. For example, if you are watching a show with your family, and also texting a friend, you are neither with your friend nor with the family. Social Skills that are honed for life are depreciating. The hope of interaction is getting low. You may be talking to a person 24×7, and in real life, they might be a completely different person. That is also the case of today’s broken families and unhealthy relationships. Think of how little you use your Smart’Phone’ to call and have a conversation just because texting seems easy and requires less effort. Next time you have the urge to use social media to communicate, look around.

Disclaimer: All the views you’ve read are the personal views of the writer and have nothing to do with the views of TSA-The Second Angle as a media house


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