SRK Once Again Won Our Hearts With His Wit

SRK hosted a Q&A session twitter and the replies he gave were all full of wit, humour and love. Read along…


In a recently hosted “Ask Me Anything” session by actor Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter, users came in a huge number to ask him questions related to not only the professional life but also actor’s personal life. And the witty responses to those questions are winning hearts all over the social media since last evening.

The people who were attendees of the session were mostly SRK fans and some of them were trollers, who got mocked back by the actor in style.

The first troll came to him as, “Bhai Mannat bechne wale ho kya?”.

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The reply to this from the actor was very unexpected. But replying to the troll with his wit, Shah Rukh Khan once again won our hearts.

Lots of people loved Shah Rukh’s reply including Director Karan Johar who even retweeted the reply.

Since Shah Rukh’s last released film was Zero, which was released in 2018. Since then fans are waiting to see him onscreen again. Taking the opportunity, a troll asked,

to which very wittily King Khan replied,

But apart from the troller, many fans genuinely asked when will he be onscreen again. Shah Rukh while replying to one of them said,

Among various questions, a fan asked if he had gifted anything to wife Gauri Khan on their recent wedding anniversary, to which Shahrukh’s reply again had us in awe.

A fan asked about the regrets of Shahrukh’s film career saying “Do you regret choosing bad scripts in the last 10 years?”, to which he humbly replied, “One has to believe in what you do and stand by what you do…achievements and acceptance is in the hands of the viewer….your faith is in your heart.”

Also, take a look at other interesting tweets from Shah Rukh’s  Q&A session:

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