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10 High Rated TV shows on Netflix that you should definitely add to your list

We bring you the list of ten high rated tv shows on Rotten Tomatoes of a variety of genres that are a must-watch!


If you are a Netflix- lover it is a seemingly difficult choice to pick up a series to watch next.

Long list of shows and movies confuses the hell out of you and in the ocean of thousands of series picking the right one for you is, undoubtedly, a difficult task.

So, we bring you the list of ten high rated tv shows of a variety of genres that are a must-watch!

1. Lupin – 95%

Ten high-rated shows

Most series on Netflix recently are adapted from the book, and Lupin is one of them.

Created from the character Arsene Lupin written by Maurice Leblanc, it features Omar Sy in the main role. The character was forged in 1905 for a magazine, Je sais tout.

Lupin is both a cavalier and a master of disguise. And he is inclined to take vengeance for his father, who committed suicide, but somehow he is confident about his suicide pertained with a necklace theft which was saddled on his father.


2. When They See Us – 96%


When They See Us is a sensationalized record of how the five little fellows came to be captured, indicted, and condemned for assaulting and crushing the life out of Trisha Meili – “the Central Park jogger” – a youthful white lady whose poor, bruised body was discovered that very evening.

The scenes, from the youthful entertainers and the veterans, are unfailingly remarkable – particularly from the primary five, Asante Black, Caleel Harris, Ethan Herisse, Marquis Rodriguez, and Jharrel Jerome, a large portion of whom are only a couple years more established than the youngsters they are playing.

They catch the guiltlessness, in all detects, of kids, and the lastingness of its misfortune. It seems like an incredible advantage to see them.

3. The Crown – 91%


From the highly acclaimed play (“The Audience”) by showrunner Peter Morgan, this extravagant, Netflix-unique dramatization annals the existence of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to current occasions.

The series starts with an inside glance at the early rule of the sovereign, who acquired the seat at age 25 after the demise of her dad, King George VI.

As the decade pass, individual interests, sentiments, and political competitions are uncovered that assumed a major part in occasions that formed the later long stretches of the twentieth century.

4. Glow – 92%


Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch’s splendid new show about several maverick ladies in 1985 Los Angeles uniting (and I mean powers) is about creating a pilot for a TV show, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (or GLOW)


It is a fictionalized record of the genuine story behind an 80s wrestling establishment. 

In the same way as other working environment comedies, “Glow” is about individuals who had expected to wind up elsewhere.

Ruth (Alison Brie) is a genuine disapproved of entertainer trapped in an endless cycle of perusing for and neglecting to get milquetoast secretary jobs.

5. Dead To Me – 89%


The new Netflix dramedy Dead to Me presents two female characters who don’t actually mind what the world considers them.
One is a widow with outrage the executive’s issues.

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The other is a free-energetic lady yearning for the existence she once had.
Amusing, dreary, enveloped with smooth visuals and brilliant exhibitions, ‘Dead To Me’ is another commendable expansion to Netflix’s collection of female-drove comedies.

6. Unorthodox – 96%


Developed from the diary by Deborah Feldman, Netflix th show “Unorthodox” gives watchers an unusual ladies’ point of view from inside a Hasidic people group in Williamsburg, an angle that is an enormous piece of this present miniseries’ interest.

This is a melancholic story, told with a touch as touchy as it is conscious, however with a similar overpowering inclination as a spectator: “Leave!”


But the inclination under this story hushes up the tension, which in some cases ejects in the tears that tumble down the cheeks of brave escapee Esther.

7. The Last Kingdom – 91%

The Last Kingdom contains profound dramatization with genuine topics that are winded by ridiculous fights and other rough visuals, including execution by chopping heads and individuals being tormented and consumed alive.

The BBC show (which telecasted on BBC America in 2015) is a stunning period creation that recounts a bustling story of selling out, retaliation, sentiment, intrigue, steadfastness, and an early feeling of enthusiasm to the British realm.

Addressed by Alfred, it presents a sensible picture of life in obscurity ages and extravagant fights that outline the strategies of middle age-fighting.

8. On My Block – 95%


The Netflix satire dramatization On My Block is by all accounts distorted in from a substitute reality — one in which sitcoms featuring non-white individuals had been permitted to create on equivalent balance close by white ones all through TV history. 

Made by Awkward’s Lauren Iungerich, alongside Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft, the arrangement is set in present-day South Central Los Angeles, limits a lot of its activity to a solitary area, and blends trickeries, drama, and inspire.


9. One Day At A Time – 99%


It’s a show the identifies with genuine circumstances that individuals are confronted with every day, it identifies with Teenagers, Adults, and a wide range of Family circumstances.

Each day, in turn, joins Humor AND LIFE and right off the bat permits you to figure out how to giggle at life and yourself however it likewise teaches you on new points of view on life and social issues that individuals face every day.

One Day At time shows you about evident, unadulterated Family on screen, and off-screen, it empowers independence and being glad for what Your identity is and where you come from yet it likewise permits individuals to regard every individual’s convictions and societies and it supports ACCEPTANCE, LOVE, DIVERSITY and aims to end stigmas and stereotypes of life.

10. Alias Grace – 99%

High rated tv shows

Created from the award-winning novel by Margaret Atwood and inspired by striking occasions, Alias Grace recounts the narrative of Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon), a youthful, helpless Irish migrant.

Along side it stars homegrown worker in Upper Canada who – alongside helper James McDermott (Kerr Logan) – winds up blamed and sentenced for the notorious 1843 twofold homicide of her manager Thomas Kinnear and his servant Nancy Montgomery. 

Sarah Gadon is charming as Grace Marks, wide-looked at and apparently guiltless, yet with a shrouded briskness and obscurity to her that the crowd can detect simply under the surface, foreseeing its uncover.


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