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The positive Impact of covid-19: a global reset button

Today at TSA we present to you, the 7 positive impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic that we must look forward to.


With us entering 2021, we have a lot of “Can we uninstall 2020, this edition has a virus in it” memes plaguing us on social media.

With countries and cities going under lockdowns and lives pulled into a deadlock, Coronavirus, or more sophisticatedly labeled as COVID-19, has led communities to stay away from each other for survival.

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It’s easy to lose your confidence and brood over the adverse side effects of any event, particularly when as a community we’re combatting a global pandemic.

So, As for every low, there’s a high and even this current scenario indeed has a silver lining to it.

Here are the 7 positive impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic that we must look forward to.

  1. Enables you to Build Genuine Relationships
Image source: Gottman Institute

We’ve all been quite involved living the good life,’ plenty of us have ignored the real memories we’ve appreciated with our special ones. It may have been one hell of a ride, going around to make ends meet, and hurrying to be in emergency sessions.

Sure, maybe you were fortunate enough to go for family vacations every now & then. But even then, didn’t you dread those pending lists waiting at your workstation?


Now, the COVID-19 circumstances have positively influenced the way you process your emotions and retain relationships. You get to devour your time with your family and plan your work better. This assists you to build a better fortune for both your work and family.

As life hampered down, we have found the means to stay attached to people, even if it’s virtually. So, reconnect with your precious ones and retrospect.

2. Remote Working Turning into Mainstream

Image source: Mercer

From Zapier to Invision, many companies, now, work remotely, with 100% of the workforce laboring virtually- with little to null physical offices at all.

The government of India is especially favoring the work from home trend and has declared that it is here to stay.

Covid 19 lockdown has forced companies to consider and improve their remote employment plan, and the big firms are quick to reap the benefits of work from home scheme.

3.Lifestyle Changes to practice better hygiene

Image source: University of Central Florida

We have understood how to live more hygienically in modern years. We’ve had a lifestyle shift for a constructive future, from shaking our hands to namaste. We memorized to cover our mouths as we cough up and sanitize our hands, so we know what could happen if we don’t touch anything.

4. Education evolves to be digitized & accessible

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Image source: Deccan Herald

The whole school system was endangered by the pandemic. Schools, colleges, and universities were shut down. Yeah, it’s awful, but did you look at the optimistic side? Schools have launched a way to settle this impossible sequence. Thanks to technology, classes have commenced again.

5. New era of Telemedicine

Image source: Insider

In the center of the pandemic, in agreement with Niti Aayog, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare circulated guidelines for the procedure of telemedicine, which enable authorized practitioners to give health services in remote regions via telemedicine.

These suggestions observe telemedicine as an enabler for passage and availability to healthcare by rapid access to acceptable initiatives and by access to establishments otherwise inaccessible.

Improve technical procedure and telemedicine transparency by simple recommendation would promote access to healthcare even in remote regions in geographically different nations such as India.


6. Crime incidents are rarer

Image source: Time of India

Crime rates in Delhi and Gurugram have fallen in the last few months after the COVID-19 fear almost disabled the cities.

There has been a sharp 42% drop in crime rates in the capital of India. The drop in crime rates conforms to the reduction in the percentage of vehicle thefts, which has given some mental consensus to owners of personal and commercial vehicles, some mental peace in these turbulent times. An identical fall in crime ratios has also been noticed across other important cities like Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai.

7. Wildlife is rejuvenating

Image source: National Geographic

Other than glimpsing the rare leopard on the streets of quasi-urban Maharashtra, sighting flocks of flamingos in Navi Mumbai, and other wildlife comprising of mountain goats, bison, wild cats, fishing cats, civets, and birds.
Migratory birds are returning to lakes and water bodies they had once evacuated due to heavy pollution and human destruction. Nature is healing while people prohibit their movement towards nature and vehicles resort to garages and stations.

Not everything about the novel coronavirus pandemic is plunging as we can see from the above seven examples.

Like every other pandemic, this too shall pass, but not without imposing its toll.


In the meantime, self-isolation during this period can become a tinsel bit more acceptable when we succeed to focus on the optimistic influences, the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn to India and the rest of the world!

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