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Thousand steps away from Humanity-Wars

The war of headstrong monopoly invading weak boundaries of Yemen, Syria, Palestine left deprived people from the fundamentals of life and let them rot in filth.


King Alfred: The uncertainty of what comes next.

Uthred of Babenberg: What comes next lord,is  life. It continues. It always will.

King Alfred: But in which direction? Who will reign? Which god will be praised? Which language spoken? Which laws prevail?


The war which witnessed the destruction and loss of lives for the revolution has the notion and ideas like any king discussing with his subjects about costing the lives of opponents and settlers. And, later repercussions can be seen through years and years. One such incident ways through the busy streets of Istanbul where a voice of flute followed the crowd, a boy named Esa of 8-9 year stranded from his land because of wars,  busy entertaining the crowd of turkey as a refugee, to earn few coins to fill the stomach for a day. Wherefore, passersby dropped oranges, some bread and some coins in the begging box. A reporter asked about his country and the boy answered with fear, “there, there are guns. People are shooting, there, there are ISIS”. He pressed his head with both hands and says, “Head hurts playing the flute all day for few coins”. Sadly, he makes 10 USD per day. Besides, it is illegal to beg on the streets of Istanbul. Whenever the police approaches, Esa flew away seeing a policeofficer coming to him. Despite the hunger, ESA offered an orange to the journalist who was filming his misery. The police came and confiscated his flute and Esa devastated standing in the middle of the streets. It seemed he was taught that he as a bread earner is supposed to fight rather than crying. Therefore, Esa held his tears in his eyes not letting them rolled down on his cheeks.

Syrian refugee camps
(Image credit: thedailynation.com)

This story holds the accountability for many more like Esa who had been reported by United Nations refugee status that 70 million displaced by war and violence. Where Syria has an extensive data of 6.7 million followed by Afghanistan 2.7, south Sudan 2.3 million, Myanmar 1.1 million, Somalia 0.95 million. The camp of refugees upheld by turkey in 3.7 million, Pakistan 1.4 million, Uganda 1.17 million and Sudan 1.07 million.


 From the sources, refugees hoped they would find aid in foreign lands . But when reality faced, life seems more challenging and difficult. Not only this, DW Documentary also showed under the heading –Refugees stranded in Greece faced some strict formalities. It has been acknowledged as the forgotten children– because Europe failed in dealing refugees crisis. The aid provided them is slacked and tormenting. The country officials do not feel the need to look after them. Basic provisions like food and water are scarce, unfiltered or rotten.

According to the UNICEF report, almost 8,60,594 Syrian children are refugees. (Image credit: Justgiving.com)

The Mediterranean Sea or the Death Sea which way you called it over the past three years witnessed 10 thousands of men, women and children who tried to cross this sea had faced the most brutal death. The helplessness to end the crisis has become so desperate and fatal for the people that they preferred to drown or to get shot by the patrolling teams near the borders of the sea.

Hence, Survival has become just a part of living. Living to live each day with the depravity of normal life which is masquerading the right of every human existence residing on this planet. In the glitters of this world, refugees are expected to live what has been given to sustain the day rather to provide that standard of living. For instance, living in the foreign land as a foreigner, given the second rate of equality, looked-down and bullied by natives for snatching away the part of living, being a target at the community park and what nots.
Refugees of today had been in rebel of their rights, to have their own land, fighting for their existence, for their language etcetra. Also-everyday struggle, longing for privileged life or to have peace and some stories to narrate of basic values of legacy to pass on to their children seems a distant dream. Everyday spent in a thought to have Safe home for children and a beautiful place where the young mind can breathe without fears of military bombardments. Wretched longings for rights of living like a normal person one can have or can ask for. A place where violence is much less than bombing. A place where destruction is bearable in comparison of shelling in areas destroyed by military aircraft.

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

A Syrian filmmaker Wada-Al Khateeb an eye witness who filmed the massacre and left us with something to think on. While interviewed in Middle East Eye she said, “and the people around me were always looking at me like: we understand why you are filming these massacres and these injuries, but we can’t understand why you filming us while we play football or cracking jokes or some of normal life.” Besides, there are civilians trapped over ISIS frontlines and when tried to escape shot at point-blank. Also, there are religious minorities like Yazidis who had been persecuted and always seek a desperate way out whenever any chopper crosses to distribute food packets. This instance of Yazidis relates to many trapped communities. Yazidis who were trapped civilians when found a way out through the choppers  burst into tears of relief. Still, There are almost 40,000 Yazidis still hiding from ISIS fighters in the mountains of northwestern Iraq.

Having said and done, to our grievances it was supposed to be temporary but it appears revolution is thousands of steps away from humanity. It is unbelievably impossible to seek truce for peace between arms and ammunition. As a result, the conditions of many refugees turning squalid and these settlers don’t find the silver lining of hopes. It seems, trades of human lives over wars are far more acceptable and an easy way out for any regime.



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