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Tiktok: Trump allows app to operate in US

Donald Trump allows Oracle and Walmart to take control of a new company of tiktok to be operated in US.


Tiktok is among the most popular apps used by Gen Z teens, many of whom are among the most popular content creators on the platform, where 15-second short video clips are shared for the purpose of entertainment, featuring music and filters.

The US government said on Tuesday that it was looking at potentially banning TikTok which has led to the growing criticism of the users.

Amazon initially sent an e-mail as well asking it’s employees to delete the app because of “unspecified security risks” which later was proved to be “sent in error”.

The United States President, Donald Trump offered Strong support for the deal to continue the operation of a new company of Tiktok in Texas, United States, thus creating 25,000 US jobs. Greg Abbott, governor of Texas tweeted “I let him know that if he approves the deal Texas will be the perfect place for the HQ”.


Donald Trump backs the deal with Oracle and Walmart for the creation of a new Tiktok company which would be totally controlled by them by taking significant equity stakes and safeguarding the data. ByteDance – Tiktok’s parent, has also agreed, with Oracle controlling the right to inspect the TikTok source code.

Talking about the invasion of privacy and user data by China Trump said “The security will be 100%. I have given the deal my blessing. I approve the deal in concept.”

Trump expressed his annoyance when the government lawyers forbid him for demanding a “chunk” of TikTok sales price for the Treasury. He responded by saying that there would be 5 billion US education fund as part of the deal and that is the contribution he’s asking for.

This deal can be a success only if China approves it. So let’s see whether this will happen or not.


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