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Top 10 hot selling Lifestyle magazines In India

Worried about your lifestyle changes during the coronavirus pandemic? Here's a list of top 10 hot selling Lifestyle magazines enriched with exclusive lifestyle tips.


The issue of a healthy lifestyle is very broad and it has gained a lot of importance lately during the pandemic when everybody is concerned about the health and fitness of their bodies. As the generations have progressed through time, the lifestyles, including the type of food people eat as well as the clothing they wear have changed significantly. Lifestyle magazines are an innovative walkthrough into a healthy individual as well as a well-maintained body. Moreover, the fashion industry of India has taken a possible lead lately and is growing overwhelmingly. The magazines cover issues ranging from celebrities, lifestyles, relationships, etc.

Let us take a look at the top 10 Lifestyle magazines in India:-

1. Vogue

Image credits: magzter.com

From being India’s foreign-owned magazine to being included in one of the Snapchat filters, it is the best lifestyle magazine in the country that exceeds all the others in terms of popularity and content. Being released on 20th September 2007, pioneering Indian women in terms of fashion, trends and other accessories, owned national from Conde Nast India Pvt.Ltd., it is set to have a strong impact on the audience.

2. Savvy

Image credits: magzter.com

It is a leading women’s magazine in India well known for the empowerment of women in terms of various opinions and suggestions in which women can re-shape their lives. It provides an insight into the well-being of women.

3. Femina


Image credit: femina.in

Published in July 1959, the Indian magazine covers cultural and beauty tips including hot gossip about celebrities and their changing relationships with each other. It provides healthy and handy tips to women and is even associated with the Femina Look Of the Year contest that is an apparent sponsor of the magazine. It has also been organising Femina Miss India Beauty Peagent since 1964. Moreover, it also brings an insight into the various cousines.

4. Marie Claire

Image credits: sheonmodeldirectory.com

Published in France in 1937, it is an international magazine which has different versions in various countries including India. It covers global issues faced by women and various interviews along with fashion and lifestyle updates associated with celebrities.

5. Verve

Image credits: Wikipedia

Launched in 1995, the Indian magazine is all about luxury lifestyles in the home-grown fashion industries. It provides opportunities to discover new talents as well as providing a whole lot of gossip on Bollywood celebrities and interviews. It is well known for its content on the latest national and international trends as well.

6. Elle

Image credits: magzter.com

Published in 1996, the Indian magazine is greatly associated with women’s lifestyle – it’s name being a French word which means ‘She’. It is mostly interested in covering national and local issues and is the best selling magazine for women all around the world. It has gained a lot of audiences because it’s content is enriched with entertainment as well as beauty tips.

7. Harper’s Bazaar

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Published in 1867, the American based weekly magazine covers the trendy topics of the upper-class women and provides an insight into the latest designs in the market. Other than that, it has a photography section as well and is a magazine for various fashion experts.

8. New Woman

Image credits: magzter.com

Published by Pioneer Book Company Pvt., Mumbai, in December 1996, it is an Indian magazine with renowned Hema Malini as the editor. It provides an insight into the needs of the women in society and is at par with international magazines for women. It is greatly associated with a home-grown industry. Other Issues discussed under it include, women’s body re-shaping and other healthy lifestyle tips.

9. Cosmopolitan

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Published in America in 1886, the international women’s monthly magazine is associated with a range of issues from relationships to makeup and styling. The content is enriched with the latest sex tips as a trendy fashion sense. The issue of career goals is also taken into account in the content.

10. Woman’s Era

Image credits: magzter.com

Published in 1973, in the Delhi Press, the Indian women’s magazine Is associated with issues based on the latest relationship advice as well as daily life local stuff including poetry, stories and other entertainment platforms. It includes fashion and lifestyle trends as well as cooking recipes.

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