An Open-Book Lifestyle: Top 16 Vloggers of India

Vlogging takes a lot of effort and a lot more courage to put forth your life for the public to criticise openly. Read on to know the Indian vloggers who made it big despite all the obstacles.

An Open-Book Lifestyle: Top 16 Vloggers of India

A video blog or video log (vlog for short) is a form of a blog where the medium is video. The first instance of vlog traces back to the 1980s when the New York artist Nelson Sullivan would record videos around New York City and South Carolina in a vlog-like style. A lot more instances were seen in the late 90s and early 2000s.

But it saw its growth in recent years, especially because of the video-sharing platform YouTube. It has now escalated to a point that vloggers are now a community all around the world. Videos are more influential than written words and this served as the basic reason for the growth of vlogging. From showcasing their day to day personal life to sharing their views on matters of concern to travel and motorbikes, this format of documenting time has grown with leaps and bounds. 

India too has seen the graph rise and how a lot of vloggers have emerged in India and are now ruling quite a few numbers. The Indian audience has also grown out of television and is more inclined towards the web world. These vloggers have stepped in at just the right moment. The transitioning viewers are now looking for something more realistic and relatable which the vlogging community is more than happy to provide.

But as entertaining and as intriguing the idea might sound, it is a tough job. From being spontaneous enough to capture a moment and to be brave enough to put up your personal life for the show. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. Being constantly in the public eye, they also subject to regular criticism and trolling but defying all that there are a few vloggers who have made it to the top in India.

Here is the list of vloggers arranged in descending order of their current subscribers on YouTube:

1. The Flying Beast 

image source: newindianexpress

Subscribers: 72.8 lakh

Gaurav Taneja, previously an Airbus 320 Captain in Air Asia Airlines, is into fitness, gaming, and vlogging at the same time. On his vlogging channel i.e. Flying Beast, he shares his personal life experiences and gives an insight into his life and family. He often travels around the country switching to travel vlogging. He has a huge fan base especially because of his normal middle-class lifestyle. The highlight of his vlogs is his 3-year-old daughter Rashbhari (aka Kaira Taneja).

The most popular video of the channel is:

2. Gauravzone

image source: theindianpreneur

Subscribers: 42.8 lakh

Gaurav Sharma the curator of the channel Gauravzone is a travel and daily vlogger. Started his channel four years back, he has gained a large audience. His simple style of vlogging and a rather normal lifestyle makes him all the more popular. 

The most popular video from the channel is:

3. Mumbiker Nikhil

image source: lifestyleasia

Subscribers: 38.8 lakh

After leaving his job as a flight attendant at Qatar Airways back in 2012, Nikhil Sharma started moto-vlogging and became one of the first YouTubers to introduce the style in India. He is seen driving Tiger Triumph XCA, KTM 390, Bajaj Eliminator, and Honda Activa. He has also ventured into acting but YouTube worked out better. 

The most popular video from the channel is:

4. JS Films

image source: cicc

Subscribers: 31.5 lakh

Jasminder Singh aka Jaysn is all about bikes. From vlogging about his biking lifestyle, bike reviews, custom motorcycles, store visits, and launches and trips, his channel is a delight to the riders. He primarily rides his Suzuki Hayabusa and KTM Duke 390. He is loved by his audience for his desi lifestyle and quirky jokes.

The most popular video from the channel is:

5. Jatt Prabhjot

image source: YouTube

Subscribers: 24.9 lakh

Prabhjot Singh is also a YouTuber who is all about bikes. Having his name in the top 10 moto-vloggers, his channel showcases his love for bikes very well. He has also released a song about his life. With his easy style of vlogging and realistic touch, he has gained a big audience base.

The most popular video from the channel is:

6. MSK

image source: YouTube

Subscribers: 16 lakh

Mohammed Salim Khan’s life is all about travelling with friends, riding bikes, and making films. He takes up treks and other extreme trips and shares his experiences through vlogs. Showing his unfiltered real life he has gained quite an audience.

The most popular video from the channel is:

7. Mountain Trekker

image source: celebrityhow

Subscribers: 15.3 lakh

Awarded the National Tourism Award by the Government of India for his contribution in the field of promotion of tourism, Varun Vagish is a travel vlogger who posts travel web series to help people know and learn about places all across the world. He also suggests tips and tricks for travelling on a budget.

The most popular video from the channel is:

8. The Travelling Desi

image source: YouTube

Subscribers: 15.8 lakh

Mohit Manocha is an Indian budget traveller. Having travelled to more than 25 countries so far including the USA, the UK, and Canada he shares valuable information for those who wish to travel on a budget. His vlogs are not only entertaining because of his desi style but also very resourceful. Suggesting public transports, smart eating, and travelling practices, and intelligent booking methods he has a lot of fans all over the world.

The most popular video from the channel is:

9. Mohit Chhikara

image source: wikiofcelebs

Subscribers: 15.1 lakh

Seen in the YouTuber Harsh Beniwal’s videos, Mohit Chhikara gained a strong audience base who wanted to see more of him. He started uploading vlogs in the past two years and the audience loves them. His vlogs are mostly about his personal life and a lot of behind the scenes from Harsh’s videos. He also covers the team’s visit to fan fests and events.

The most popular video from the channel is:

10. Saba Ibrahim

image source: dreshare

Subscribers: 20.3 lakh

Little sister and sister-in-law to the IT couple of television industry, Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar, Saba Ibrahim is a lifestyle influencer and a vlogger. Sharing her day to day life events and skiing and healthcare routines she has made a name for herself. Her simple and loving family is seen to be participating wholeheartedly in the vlogs, making them all the more heartwarming.

The most popular video from the channel is:

11. Akash Dodeja

image source: celebrow

Subscribers: 13 lakh

Jadoo from the Ashish Chanchlani Vines is no new name. Capturing behind the scenes, trips, fan fests, and other events of the ACV team, Akash Dodeja is known for his freestyle vlogging. With no particular technique of shooting, the vlogs are raw and realistic. 

The most popular video from the channel is:

12. 8bit Mamba

image source: thesecondangle

Subscribers: 12.2 lakh
This is a name known to anyone with the least knowledge about gaming and streaming. Salman Ahmad is an all-time gamer and streamer who has also ventured into vlogging. Showing around his life behind the gaming chair, his fans love him for his down to earth attitude and simple lifestyle.

The most popular video from the channel is: 

13. Karan Sehgal

image source: Twitter

Subscribers: 7.55 lakh

Posting about food, lifestyle, travel, and luxury experiences, Karan Sehgal is yet another growing vlogger. Sharing his personal life through vlogs he has for himself quite a number. 

The most popular video from the channel is:

14. Tanya Khanijow

image source: missmalini

Subscribers: 8.11 lakh

Travel vlogger, solo travel enthusiast, and filmmaker, Tanya Khanijow is always up and about when it comes to travel. From LA to Everest Base Camp, she travels all around. Her cinematic shots make her vlogs look very pleasing.

The most popular video from the channel is:

15. Rishabh Rana

image source: YouTube

Subscribers: 2.04 lakh

Rishabh Rana of the ‘Hasley India’ fame has recently started vlogging and has been going up and up ever since. Sharing his personal life happenings, behind the shoots, and visits to events, he is growing steadily. 

The most popular video from the channel is:

16. Ronny and Barty

image source: YouTube

Subscribers: 2.98 lakh

The filmmaker duo based out of the small mountain town Manali, in Himachal Pradesh, Ronny and Barty give an insight into their ‘pahadi’ lives. Having worked in the mainstream film and television industry they only travel now. Their vlogs could make anyone leave the city life and settle in the mountains.

The most popular video from the channel is:

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