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‘Wall Of Kindness’: An Initiative By Kashmir Police To Help Those In Need

A Kashmiri cop, Sheikh Adil Mushtaq arranged good food and warm clothes for the unprivileged to make it easy for them in the chilling winters of Kashmir.


We are going through the most severe pandemic ever, many people have lost their livelihood in one or another way due to subsequent lockdowns. Many unprivileged people struggle to arrange their basic needs such as good food and clothes for their family. As the winters of Kashmir are extremely cold, Shaikh Adil Mushtaq, a Kashmiri Police officer set up a ‘Wall of Kindness’ so that no one strives for basic needs.

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Sheikh Adil Mushtaq, DSP traffic police of Srinagar built a Wall Of Kindness outside the office of the traffic police department. He was moved by the adverse conditions faced by poor people to arrange basic needs for their family due to the serious effect on daily-wage workers during subsequent lockdowns due to COVID-19 and revocation of article 370.

According to The Indian Express report, he took the kind initiative on the World Kindness Day that is celebrated on 13th November every year. The concept of the Wall of Kindness was first started by the people of Mashhad in Iran back in 2016, after which people around many countries set up such walls to aid unprivileged people with basic needs.

Locals around Srinagar can donate things such as food items, used clothes and they installed even a dedicated basket to drop sanitary pads in it. The wall is painted with the message “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.” Sheikh Adil installed this initiative near his office to personally look around the arrangements. Talking to media he said many people from around come here every day to donate food packages, warm clothes, and blankets. For severe winters, they also have arranged earthen got pots to keep the temperature warm and comfortable around the wall.

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Donors also installed a coffee and tea vending machine. People can have warm beverages during the harsh winters of Jammu & Kashmir if they are around the Wall Of Kindness.

Talking to media, DSP Adil said, “It hardly matters whether the initiative has been taken by a police officer or a civilian. What matters is that we need to be compassionate towards people, who have been economically hit by two lockdowns since August 5 last year. We need to be compassionate towards each other and help each other in trying times like the Covid-19 pandemic. And we should come up with such initiatives regularly.”

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On one hand when covid warriors like DSP Adil Mushtaq are on duty to make sure people stay safe, the Wall Of Kindness initiative by him is truly a work of greater cause towards a better world.

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