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Top Wireless Gadgets that can Significantly Increase Your Productivity During Work From Home

Work From Home has taken a toll on everyone. Some may be very frustrated and annoyed due to the clutter on their desk due to the wired connections. Well, worry no more because this list will help in setting up a clutter-free work table.


2020 has been a year of the addition of several new words to your routine conversations. The most common addition in the discussions has been ‘Work from Home’. Work from Home (WFH) has transformed from a temporary solution to the new normal.

For WFH veterans, they would already have had everything settled. However, for amateurs, you may have definitely gotten into situation straight out from cartoon where you get tangled in the endless lines of cables, or just trying to figure out which wire connects to the mouse. For maximum productivity, you must keep your work station clean and tidy. Well, without wasting any of your time here are some wireless gadgets that will increase your productivity significantly.


Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse:

(Price: ₹5,995)

Truly the best mouse that you can buy for productivity. This is an ergonomic mouse from Logitech. This the best value for money ergonomic mouses from Logitech and has a 4+ rating from thousands of reviews.

If you work for 6+ hours, then an ergonomic mouse is absolutely necessary. You see, when we are typing on the keyboard or using the mouse, our arms go into a position called arm pronation. In this position, the ulna and the radius scissor with each other, and being in this position for a long time can cause complications like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Click to Buy: Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

Alternative Budget Option: Logitech M235 Wireless

(Price: ₹799)

It is the best belling Wireless Mouse on Amazon for a reason. This is the best budget wireless mouse hands down, the clicks are nice, the make of material is good and everything just feels right. Of course, being a Logitech it has a great build and people in the reviews on Amazon have dropped it more than twice yet it survived the drops.


Click to Buy: Logitech M235 Wireless


Logitech K480 Wireless

(Price: ₹2,595)

I choose this keyboard for its versatility. This keyboard can be connected to multiple devices like your phone, tablet, and laptop, etc. So, for people who were going to work on Tablets and iPads, can increase their productivity with this keyboard. The small area given above the device acts as a stand and can hold two devices, a phone, and a tablet at once which is pretty nifty.

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Click to Buy: Logitech K480 Wireless


Sony WH-1000XM4

(Price: ₹29,990)

These are the best noise-cancelling headphones in the market. You must be thinking as to why are they so expensive. First, they are one of the best sounding headphones, and second, they have the best noise cancellation too. Meaning you cannot hear any external sound when wearing these headphones. Why pay big bucks for these headphones when there are cheaper noise-cancelling options available. The answer is very simple: Buy Once and Forget About it. These are not use-and-throw headphones but rather stay with people for a long time. People are still using their Sony Wh-1000XM1 which was released in 2016. So, depending on how you take care of them you can easily wear them for 5 years.

Click to Buy: Sony WH-1000XM4


Alternative Budget Option: OPPO ENCO M31

(Price: ₹1,999)

Loved by the tech gurus and the audience alike for its sound and design. First of all, I absolutely love the design Teal + Gold feels very nice and premium. Coming to the sound quality these have been said to rival earphones from the ₹5000 range considering its price is less than half of that. Enough said about sound, the mic quality is great and is well suited for meetings and calls. The only that I found that these earphones don’t have Qualcomm aptX support, which only matters if you were looking to play games on these.

Click to Buy: OPPO ENCO M31

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