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Xiaomi Smarter Living 2021: Mi Band 5, Mi Watch Revolve, and many more. Everything you need to know price, specifications & features 


Xiaomi hosted a Smarter Living 2021 event today. The event was streamed on YouTube and Mi India’s various social handles. As the name of the event suggests it launched various IoT products in the event:

  1. Mi Band 5 (₹2,499)
  2. Mi Watch Revolve (₹10,999)
  3. Mi Smart Speaker (₹3,499)
  4. Mi Athleisure Shoes (₹1,499)
  5. Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser (₹999)
  6. Mi Smart LED Bulb (₹499)

Mi Band 5:

To no one’s surprise, Mi launched the successor to Mi Band 4 at the event as everyone expected. The new features of Mi Band 5 include

  • Brighter, Larger and More Colourful Display: The The Mi Band supports a 1.1” AMOLED touch display, which is 20% bigger than the display of Mi Band 4. The brightness of the display has also been improved to 450 nits. 
  • Watch Face customization: Mi Users will now be able to choose a picture or gif of their choice as a Watch Face.
  • Magnetic Charger: It will give the users the freedom to charge the watch without removing the band. The band also claims to have 2-3 Weeks of Battery Life.
  • Upgraded PPG Bio Sensor: 50% more accurate heart-rate monitoring
  • 50m Water-Resistance
  • 11 workout modes:
Image Credit: twitter.com
  • PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence): This is a new algorithm developed by Xiaomi to give a personal score to an individual based on their workout intensity. More Heart Rate = More PAI Score. Therefore, users will benefit from a much simpler workout metric to measure their performance. The PAI profile also adjusts over time as the performance of the users gets better.
  • Stress Level Tracker and 24-Hour Sleep Monitoring: The stress level tracker will identify when the user is in stress and will recommend a 5-10 minute breathing exercise. They have also included REM sleep monitoring in this iteration.
  • Women’s Health Tracking: This feature will track the menstrual cycle and will give helpful alerts beforehand.
  • Automatic Activity Control: Mi Band will automatically detect a workout and will notify you on the same.
  • Camera Control

The Mi Band 5 will be available in 5 colours; Black, Navy Blue, Teal, Purple, and Orange. The watch will be priced at ₹2,499 and will available to purchase on Amazon.in and mi.com.It will soon be available at Mi Home stores too.

Image Credit: twitter.com

Mi Watch Revolve:

The much-awaited Mi Watch has made its debut in India. It looks to be the clone of the Mi Colour Watch released in China earlier this year. The specifications and the features of Mi Watch revolve are as follows:

  • Display: The watch sports an AMOLED display which can reach a maximum brightness of 450 nits. It will also come with Always-On Display.
  • 50m Water Resistance, Up to 2 weeks of Battery Life and Aluminium Frame.
  • Watch Faces: The watch comes with 112 watch faces. Sadly, it won’t feature the watch face customization like the Mi Band 5.
  • Heart Rate Variability: This will track the time interval between consecutive Heart-Beats. Previously Heart Beats were tracked by the Total Number of Beats/60 seconds. This is a new way to track heartbeats and will track the time interval between two heartbeats. This has two advantages over the previous method: 
      1. HRV helps to track the well-being of the user without collecting additional data. Meaning your health, stress, and fitness can be tracked using just HRV without the need for additional data. This great for privacy where there is an increasing concern of companies trying to sell sensitive user data.
      2. HRV also helps to track the fitness of users in a new way, tracking namely: ‘Flight to Fight’ and ‘Rest’ responses. People who have high HRV may have greater cardiovascular fitness and be more resilient to stress.
  • Sleep Tracking: The watch will track your REM and non-REM sleep.
  • Energy Level: The Watch will calculate your energy levels throughout the day using different data like HRV, sleep, workout, and activities.
  • Stress Level: The watch will help you track your stress level and help you improve your efficiency for work and study.
  • VO2 Max Tracking: VO2 is a great indicator to measure your fitness level. Higher VO2 Max means better Higher Endurance/Stamina.
  • Training Effect: The watch will track the quality of your workout and will help you in achieving the most optimal workout. 
  • 10 Specialised Sport Modes:
Image Credit: twitter.com
  • GPS and GLONASS: This will enable the watch to track your workout without the need for a phone or internet. The workout will be automatically stored in the watch and will be synced with the phone using the Xiaomi Wear App.

The watch will be available in 5 colours: Mid Night Black(Leather), Astral Olive, Cosmic Dust Maroon, Neptune Blue, and Space Black. The straps are removable too. It will be available for purchase on Amazon.in and mi.com for ₹10,999 It will soon be available at Mi Home stores too.

The Image is for Price and Features
Image Credit: twitter.com

Mi Smart Speakers:

Another major product that made its debut is the Mi Smart Speakers.

  • Metal Mesh Design and Matte Finish
  • Speakers: The speakers consist of 12W 63.5mm drivers. The speakers also support DTS audio codec.
  • Virtual Assistant: The speaker has support for Google Assistant The speaker sports an Amazon Alexa like LED on top. It will also have support for Chromecast.
  • Pairing and Connectivity: The speakers includes some great features in this department. You will be able to pair two Mi Speakers for a stereo sound. The speaker also has support for multi-speaker setup; You can search & play music across your home by placing Mi Smart Speakers in different rooms.
  • IoT support: You can control various smart devices like Smart Bulb, Air Purifier, Air Conditioner, and Security Feed, etc. with voice commands.

The Smart Speaker will be available for purchase on Amazon.inflipkart.com, and mi.com for ₹3,499.

The Image is for Price and Features
Image Credit: twitter.com

Mi Athleisure Shoes:

I know a technology company selling shoes, what a time to be alive. The shoes aren’t anything special but on paper, they make up for pretty decent joggers. 

  • Honeycomb Mesh
  • Heel Support
  • Shock Absorbing EVA Sole

Don’t get baffled by these technical terms. These are pretty much present in every shoe today. However, the only reason you may want to pick is if you are a Mi Fan or you think the shoes are fashionable. 

The Image is for Price and Features
Image Credit: twitter.com

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser:

 Mi launched an automatic soap dispenser at the event. The timing seems impeccable as the hygiene industry has seen a huge surge in India. The Mi Soap Dispenser dispenses the soap without touching and enables a contactless way to wash your hands. The Mi Soap Dispenser is available for purchase on mi.com at ₹999.

Image Credit: twitter.com

 Mi Smart LED Bulb

The Smart LED is the fastest-growing Smart Appliance in India. However, the Mi Smart LED Bulb isn’t a competitor to Philip’s Hue or Syska LED as the bulb won’t change colours and will just emit white light. The bulb features:

  • Works with Voice Assistant: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Turns ON/OFF and Adjustable Brightness Control: The bulb can be controlled using the Mi Home App

The bulb is available on purchase at mi.com at ₹499.

Image Credit: twitter.com

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