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10 Unconventional Weddings That Broke The Conservative Stereotypes

Here are some of the beautiful couples and their unique weddings that exclude the regressive traditional rituals and introduces something special…


Marriage is not just about rituals, ceremonies, photoshoots, lehenga, or gold…But it’s about a promise that a bride and a groom make for each other, which brings love, care, and mutual understanding into their lives.

Yet in a country like India, the main focus is on the traditional ritual and notion, which transgress the purity and simplicity of marriage. These couples made their rituals with love and broke the unconventional notions and stigma.

Let’s take a review on who they are and what changes made their wedding noticeable.

1. No Band Baja, No ceremonies, and no sweets and flowers, an IRS officer had a wedding with an idea that would change our thinking

Picture Credits: The better India

In a contemporary time, where people are organizing lavish wedding ceremonies. This IRS officer Abhay Deware and his wife Priti Kumbhare brings a new tradition to their wedding, regardless of spending too much on the wedding ceremony, they donate the money to the farmers’ families, who have committed suicide due to crop failure and huge debts, for education and welfare of their families.

They Donate Rs. 20,000 each to 10 families. And also invests in books of Rs. 52000 to five libraries in Amaravati.

2. A Kerala couple asked a transgender person to be the witness of their wedding

A young activist couple of Kerala, Alappuzba, and Shruthi have been friends for a decade and decided to get married with no traditional rituals. Although Shruthi wore beautiful jewellery made of jute, not gold. Apart from this, they have chosen a transgender as their wedding witness.

3. Sanjana refused to wear a lehenga and attended her wedding with extraordinary style


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We have often seen that brides are much more excited about lehengas than their entire wedding, But she made an unusable choice and attended her wedding with a pantsuit with complimentary dupatta and halted the old notion about what women should wear in their wedding.


4. This bride refused gold and gifts in her and made an unusual remark that surprised her in-laws

A bride from Madhya Pradesh refused their in-law’s gifts and gold. The 22-year-old science graduate has said that she wants to put 10,000 saplings, rather than ornaments and clothes.

5. A Bihar family decided to put aside the rusty traditions, women performed the ritual that a man was supposed to do

The ritual an elder brother would perform in her sister’s wedding, this Bihar family decided to the same by elder sister in absence of her brother. The whole family will encourage her elder sister to do the ceremony.

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6. The list is not only filled with the brides adding uniqueness to their wedding, but this groom has also broken the old norm and traditions

At a Bengali wedding, a bride was supposed to get down on the groom’s feet to get ashirwaad. But this time the Bengali groom did the same with the bride, when the bride gets down to touch his feet to seek his blessings, he did the same and touched her feet to seek her blessings.

7. At another Bengali wedding, all the wedding rituals were conducted by female pundits

Have you ever seen a female pundit conduct a wedding? This family decided that her daughter’s wedding will be performed by a female pundit. And not only this, the bride was introduced with her mother’s name before her father’s name. Lastly, her father gave a speech in which he mentioned that we weren’t doing a ‘kanydaan’ because it’s our daughter, not some property.

8. This businessman has broken the most prominent ritual and taboo about widows


A businessman Jitendra Patel has invited 18000 widows to his daughter’s wedding and asked them to give their blessings to her. He wanted to show the world that there are no such things as ominous, we just need to break the monopoly of these old regressive notions and traditions.

9. 15 transgender women got married keeping all the rituals in mind

The transgender community organized a big fat Indian wedding in Raipur. With all the rituals keeping in mind – Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet.

10. Cancer survivors, who finished her wedding photoshoot in her own and remarkable style

Navi survives cancer twice, after her cancer treatment she was disappointed but didn’t put her morale down. She decided to get a wedding photoshoot with her blade hair. To support those, who are struggling with the same.


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