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6 years of PK- How the person who came to learn about humans taught them to be one.

Heartfelt Letter to PK, person who taught us what we knew not.


Dear PK ,
I remember the day when I watched you first. You were with that radio full naked, on a planet you did not know anything about.

Your eyes burned with a sense of curiosity and so you learned the language of Bhojpuri first, and your funny accent still remains with us.

You were an alien for us, among us. You were unacquainted with us. Our differences, our lies and our feelings they all perplexed you. You were without rules, a haywire person trying to understand this planet.
You taught us a lot. Religion and God to begin with.

It gives me an uneasy sense that even after existing here for a thousand years we were blind to the reality of life and delusion of religious teachers. Or maybe we see it all and still endorse all of it.

Our differences and actions made you feel uncomfortable. It was like a human was roaming around in animals.

PK you are really pei kay (drunken)!


You enlightened us with the true meaning of love. Love is selfless, and love does not stop the other to be happy without you. You gave Jaggu the truth even after loving her.

More than that, you never lied until humans taught you. You learnt lying and you learnt what is pain, all on this planet.

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PK, here right here in our world you are drunken because you are kind, you are honest and you are selfless. You are drunken because you do not agree blindly to what religious leaders say.

It is really insightful that you learnt the bad parts here and left the good ones to us. What a strange world where people from another world teach us to be humans.
After Jaggu and Sarfaraz’s happily ever after, I hope you found yours too. Not among humans, nor among feelings but among your own people who do not feel as we do, do not react as we do and still remain better than we will be.

PK, you came to learn about humans but here you found them without the human qualities. You found humans, and you helped them find themselves.


Your admirer from Earth


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