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7 Weirdest World Records Ever Set

World records inspire everyone. But, they can also amuse us. Continue reading to get hold of some information with a tinge of entertainment in it.


People in the world struggle in different ways. Some struggle to cultivate the mind, while others struggle to cultivate money; but, there are still others who essay in an unparalleled and singular manner, that is- endeavours to make themselves to Guinness book of World Records and with this come some of the most hilarious and unimaginable records.

TSA brings to you some of those very weird and unpopular world records which would evoke in you awe and also a laugh. Let’s have a look at some of the wackiest record holders.

1. Longest Tongue

Ever tried to touch your nose with your tongue? Failed again? Now, somebody does it within a spur of the moment. This 24-year old Nick “The Lick” Stoberl from California has this surprising record of having the longest tongue measuring 10.10 cm which comes to nearly 4 inches. Now we are sure he licks the food every time he gets it splashed anywhere on his face.

Pic Credit: Guinness World Records

2. Most Pierced Woman

While we still have nightmares thinking about the excruciating pains that our nose piercings gave us, Elaine Davidson from Brazil puts us to shame with a total 6000 piercings on her body. With this, she holds the world record of the most piercing in a lifetime. And this was way back in 2009. Anyway, I don’t dare to imagine an update in this that it might have till now.

Pic Credit: Wikipedia

3. Heaviest Mantle of Bees

Seems like world records have their own level of craziness. This one is craziest but most cringy at the same time. Ruan Liangming of China covered his body with 63.7 kg of bees to achieve the Guinness World record for the heaviest mantle of bees. And the best part was that he came out unscathed and unharmed in this unusual endeavour. Look at the picture at your own risk.

Pic Credit: Guinness World Record

4. Longest Nails

This is definitely a nail-biting one! When some of us can not probably go a day without biting our nails off, Lee Redmond from the USA achieved a world record of longest fingernails on the pair of hands measuring up to 29 feet in total. And more to your wonder, she is reported to continuously manicure them to keep her nails in a polished condition. Woah!

Pic Credit: The Mirror

5. Longest Jump by A Cat

And while you wonder if animals also set the world records, let us tell you that Yes! they do. Alley, that cat (named by Samantha Martin of Australia, Texas) holds a world record of the longest jump by a cat. She managed to jump 182.88 cm (6 ft) setting inspiration for all the animals, perhaps. Also, we are wondering if Alley knows she is famous.

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Pic Credit: Katzenworld

6. Most Big Macs Eaten in a Lifetime

We bet you cannot love McDonald’s as much as Donald A. Goske from the USA who has consumed 26,000 Big Macs up to 2012. The count must have risen till now. He has been eating Big Macs daily for 40 years.

Pic Credit: E Straits Times

7. Longest Moustache

While you can’t take in anymore, we present to you a weird record. Yes, weirder than “Natthulaal Ki Moonchein”. Ram Singh Chahan has set a world record of the longest moustache which measure upto 14 feet. Now, don’t ask us why would he grow them so seriously. At least, he is on the prestigious pages of Guiness Book of World Records.

Pic Credit: Guinness World Records

We hope you enjoyed them. Tell us in the comment section which one astonished you the most.

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