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73 booked under NSA: Cattle smugglers are the new threat for national security

There was an unfortunate wave of rape cases in the state of Uttar Pradesh recently. If only the Government cared to stop such heinous crime rather than targeting innocuous students and activists.


The primary objective of the policies of government looks to benefit and suit their agenda, rather than work for the burgeoning of people. Slapping NSA for cow slaughter is one such manoeuvre. It has nothing to do with the belief and faith of religion but to satisfy the thirst of the fascist regime. Since coming to power in March 2017, the BJP government led by the priest-turned-politician has launched NSA against cow slaughter. BJP describes it as a crackdown on proscribed slaughterhouses and cattle smuggling. Critics say the government’s move was aimed at targeting the Muslim and Dalit communities which are mainly involved in the cattle trade. It’s actually helping the government polish their agenda.
The latest arrest under the NSA for cow slaughter was reported from the Gorakhpur Police Zone on September 6 against a man named Israel who was accused of being involved in the slaughter in Bahraich. He has also been booked under the Goonda Act.

Surprisingly in Uttar Pradesh, 139 people were slapped with the National Security Act (NSA) this year, 76 of which are involved in cases related to cow slaughter, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Awanish Kumar Awasthi stated to Indian Express. 

Image Credits: Indian Express

UP has managed to grab the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Few of them being, invoking NSA against the reputed doctor, Dr. Kafeel Khan, and student activist Sharjeel Usmani. When the rising figures of Corona cases in the country put India below underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, the priorities of the ruling power gives a feeling of consternation. The pathetic condition of India is terrifying now when it was imposed with the world’s harshest lockdown, which failed miserably and visibly.

Prime Minister Modi declared unharmonious lockdown getting away from the plight of the migrant crisis, poor labourers, and daily-paid workers. The government of India clearly failed on many fronts. The strong argument felt by the majority of Indians is backed by data and statistics provided by the government ministry and departments. Giving a hard time to the supporters of the government to protect their stand. Badly affected health infrastructure, penurious GDP, poor education system, employment issues, crimes against women, and girls know no limit.


So, what was India doing when the world was making strategies to battle Corona and to protect their citizens? Countries were strengthening their policies to improve people’s economic and living conditions. On the other hand, GOI and state governments were busy burdening common people with stringent laws.
The NSA solicited in the name of cow slaughters and also to curb dissent and the right to express, shackles democracy. NSA is usually invoked in far more serious cases of national security, although the law gives administrators and police officials wide leeway in its use.

Many students, journalists, activists were held under NSA and jailed for criticizing or writing against the policies of the government. NSA has been in controversies following the cases it was invoked against. The Act of surprise unravels, when slaughtering cow puts you behind bars and committing murders invites freebies. Humanity dies every time an unruly mob kills an innocent person. Why state government has not invoked NSA against mob lynching? There was an unfortunate wave of rape cases in the state of Uttar Pradesh recently. If only the Government cared to stop such heinous crime rather than targeting innocuous students and activists. A 2019-statistics revealed that 86 rape cases were promulgated from Unnao alone, making it the rape capital of Uttar Pradesh.

We need laws stringent laws like NSA in cases of rape, mob lynching so as to dissuade the criminals before the crime. The mortifying truth is that the importance of showered upon cow is not shown for the safety of women of our society.


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