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10 Habits found in every reader- A list for all the book lovers

We bring you the 10 unique habits of a bibliophile and if you can relate to at least 5 of them, congratulations you are a certified book lover!


Readers always have unique habits that we absolutely enjoy but may seem a bit queer to non-readers. Bibliophile are their own species with certain traits and qualities.

Ask any bibliophile and I bet they can relate to at least half of the habits listed down below.

Smiling at a totally random stranger when you see them reading a book, getting so engrossed in a book that your mother has to bring loudspeakers to get your attention, dropping random advice at book shops and having that superior feeling in your English class- SIGN US IN!!

So today, we bring to you the 10 unique habits of a bibliophile and if you can relate to at least 5 of them, congratulations you belong to our kind!

1. Reading 24/7 and then after 19928 years.


Reading is like a tap, when it flows, it flows incessantly. And when it stops- getting out of a reading slump is really, really hard. Like the water is in the tap and it is frozen somehow.
This especially happens when you complete a book and you are still devouring its plot and characters, or if it is a SERIES well, goodbye to your reading days.
Picking another book after finishing one you liked with all of your heart is damn difficult.

2. Smelling Books

Okay, to all the non-readers, books do have a distinct, serene and addictive smells. Please do not give us weird looks.
And after buying a new books step one is smelling it. Smelling pages is one of the BEST parts of reading a book.
It is a drug, and the older it is the better. If you do not smell your book before, in between and after reading it, it is your loss!


3. Feeling lost after reading a book (end of the world if it is a series)

After finishing a book, you keep it and stare at the walls. Now, what do you do with your life? How do you move on from this world?

Is there a way to forget this book and start it again? Hello? Some help maybe?

It is either so good that you are left craving for more………….or it is so bad that you want more of it. The latter is almost maddening.

Having an ending you do not like feels like the world has stopped and will never be the same again.
Trust me, tuck the book behind other books in your shelf. Pretend like Mr Darcy.

4. Books to Movies – Here comes the destruction of the plot.

I am sorry to all the directors and producers of this world, but you cannot ever do justice to all the books ruined because of the movies. Never ever.
When you are excited about a book you are finally going to see on screen, disappointment rolls out. Either the cast, the plot or the way it has been portrayed, something will always go wrong.

About 99+1 per cent of the times the book is better than the movie or TV series. And the left-out details, god lord.

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Having a friend watch that movie without those details feels ridiculously wrong.


5. Taking a book with you wherever you go.

Okay, what if you get stuck in a situation in which you are bored? Or have to wait? Or have to sit in between people you hate? Or parties? Or relatives?
Bibliophiles always keep a book or two with them wherever they go. If you cannot find a hard copy, go and search their mobile phones, there will be a soft copy in there!

6. Gift me a book ALL the TIME.

Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, valentine, anyday-you need a book as a gift. No matter how boring that sounds, just give us books. 

Your friends never have to worry about a gift for you, because it is always going to be a book.
But wait for a spoiler alert! What if you already have that book?

7. Please return me my book.

Being a bibliophile has its own disadvantage. People think of you as a public library and even when you love when others read the same books.
But when they keep it and…….
Do not return it.
Like do we need to open a secret society for readers where it is rule no.1 please return the books you borrowed asap because they are our babies and we need them back on a particular place on our shelf???
And oh, the damaged spine. Like, do people open books to read or tear it apart? Please clarify.

8. Cleaning your room? Maybe not. Cleaning your shelf? Sign me in!

Keeping your shelf organized is very important for us readers.
There are like hundreds of ways in which we can organize our shelf- alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, colour, genre, author, publisher, unread ones, etc etc.
Readers are super conscious about their shelves and you better keep the book at the same place from where you picked.

9. Buying books and reading books are two different things.

Yes we know we have a big list of unread books and an even bigger pile of them on our shelf, but do not stop us from buying books.
We are just buying more to add more to that pile because the more the better. We are going to read all of them and then buy more.
*silently cries at our illusion*

10. Forgetting every book you ever read when someone asks you about them.

When we are sleeping, before that we can literally record every single book we read, want to read or are reading.
And when someone asks us our favourites or to recommend them some, we forget if we ever had any such hobby.


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