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Is the war being waged on the Wrong front?

Can India, China or any other nation can afford a war right now? Almost every nation across the globe is battling to save the lives of its own people.


The recent confrontation between the Indian and Chinese troops in LAC (line of actual control) has brought around speculation about a full-blown war which would ultimately lead to another world war.

But can India, China or any other nation entertain a war right now? Almost every nation across the globe is battling to save the lives of its own people from the coronavirus as well as the crippled economy.

In India ever since the lockdown has ended the cases of coronavirus infection spiked furiously. At current nearly, 15000 new cases every day. And the number of cases is about to reach half a million mark.

No doubt the territorial conflict and the martyrdom of your soldier are of utmost importance, but those brave souls have played their parts by courageously defending the nation from the external threat but is the government willing to honestly do its part by defending it’s a citizen from the internal threat?


Media also needs to gets its priorities right, one issue should not subsume the other.while irrelevant debate shows are being hosted about “Dragons demise”, India is rising up in the tally of coronavirus infected countries and has become an epicentre of coronavirus in southeast Asia.

But, in a bid to please the government almost every prominent media house has started neglecting their responsibility towards the public. They are so determined to divert the attention of the country from the failing health care system and the increasing death toll they have repudiated the consequences of war.


The responsibility of the press is to act as a medium that allows the public to hold it’s government accountable but throughout the Lockdown the narrative of mainstream media was to applaud the ” thalli” & “talli” propaganda of the Government. Across the globe, in almost every Democratic country the Supreme leader constantly held press conferences to address and answers the question of the public about the pandemic so that there is better communication to get over this crisis, but our Leaders hid behind the virtual screen making speeches about how the Indians needs to become “Atamnirbhar”. While never addressing why rigorous testing and tracing is not done to contain this pandemic.

It is evident now that the lockdown has proved to be a failure because the spread of infection is still surging. While the pseudoscientific and politically driven unlock 1.0 has risked the lives of millions of citizens. Now it has become crucial for media too get off the lap of the government and start asking the real question regarding the scaling up of testings and showing the true picture of the country’s healthcare system.


Furthermore, the media needs to examine the claims of their security experts about the aspects of global support for India to wage war because right now every nation is battling to keep its own people safe. The economic factor of war against China is also negative. The five superpowers America, Germany, France, U.K, and Russia need china to strengthen their raptured economy due to the lockdown.

Logic dictates, both China and India are fighting a proxy war, China is provoking a Warlike scenario so as escape global economic rage that is focused on it because of the pandemic. While India is trying to defend itself from the question of helpless citizens by fiddling the nationalist sentiments of its masses.

Dialogue and diplomacy is the only feasible scenario for India to handle the border conflict because right now we are already losing the full-blown war against coronavirus pandemic.  After all, What Good is a country without its countrymen?



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