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Jobless people running food stalls post lockdown

While elders do not leave any occasion to mark the demerits of getting youth addict to phone, there is still a need to bring a change in perspective.


Amidst the outbreak, there are millions of people who have lost their regular jobs. The pandemic has impacted the lives of more than 555 million workers, as per the government data. According to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy In India, the unemployment rate reached 27.1 per cent in early May, as nearly 122 million Indians lost their jobs between March and April. Now that there is no more lockdown state persist in the country. The unemployment ratio has improved to 6 %, recorded in September (data shared by Statistica 2020).

One of the prime reasons of restitution is that workers who lost their jobs during lockdown are now setting up their startups. Small businesses and local setups are the only hope left for the people to survive on. Stories are going unheard of people who have lost prestigious jobs and now are struggling to earn their daily bread. Foreseeing the potentiality of social media in realizing ‘baba ka dhaba’s’ hope of earning livelihood overnight, jobless people who have started setting up stalls around the corners seeks internet to gain the attention of duly costumers. Many such stories are now surfacing on social media. Through social activists and bloggers, it is now accessible to reach out and share their plight. Out of many, there is one such case that has got a spotlight.


  1. An assistant manager at a travel company, Ravi Kant, who lost his job in the wake of coronavirus had started as a vendor. He is running a food stall in Noida. There he has maintained a variety of snacks such as burgers, sandwiches and mocktails. He claims to have all of these at a reasonable price.

On record, he said, “because of COVID I lost my job. And now it’s very difficult to run a family. I had to think of something so I started this. I have two kids to support and cannot afford sitting at home doing nothing”. To make ends meet, Kant started ‘Round the corner’ food stall.


  1. There’s another similar ordeal of a family from Delhi, covered by India today. A husband and wife have started off selling Biryani on Delhi street after they lost their job. Since they do not own any shop, have installed a set up in their car, treating it as a caravan.

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  1. Another such tale is coming from Delhi’s Uttam Nagar of a 65-year-old man. One should retire at such an age but he is still running his home. He is the only breadwinner, now has fired from his work. He used to work in a hotel, but then in lockdown, he lost his job. Out of endless household expense and financial crisis, there is another problem to get through. He has to arrange some amount of money to get his daughter wed.

A Short footage is captured by “Foodie Sandz” of his stall located at the corner of metro Pillar no.668 Uttam Nagar, Delhi.


  1. ‘Super woman’s Rajma rice and Kadi rice’ is also trending on YouTube and Facebook. She has started her food cart after she lost her regular job during the lockdown. Beside this, She has to take care of her husband who is paralyzed and has to look after two kids at home. Vloggers who shoot a video of her cart claim about her keeping good quality and maintaining hygiene.

An important thing that must be added in their promotion. All these cases mentioned above have maintained and taken great care of hygiene. It’s inspiring to see how they are carrying their business with pride. It shows that there is no business too small, to begin with. All of them are real heroes in their story. Instead of ranting and cry out about their problems, they gather the courage to establish work and take steps towards achieving their goal.


It’s an appeal from TSA that we all should come forward and support people who are struggling in this phase.

Even a  slight effort is taken extending a hand to help, It’s easy to achieve. Simply buy your bread from them and it will earn them their own.



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