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Money Heist: Netflix India makes a cross over with regard to the Professor’s personality!

Netflix India recently posted a video signifying the irony of the cross over with regard to the Professor’s personality.


Money Heist, one of the most popular Netflix series is topping the charts all over the world. The series is all about a robbery planned by a gang led by the Professor. The entire Heist is planned intellectually by the Professor and the series becomes addictive since the very start as the planning and plotting proceeds intelligently and creatively driving the audience’s curiosity to draw parallels between the various outcomes. Shooting for the fifth and final season is in progress currently.

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Netflix India has recently been trying to imitate the Spanish crime series into the Indian version and has drawn out a cross-over that it says, “nobody asked for”. With regard to the cross-over, Netflix India is thinking about an Indian actor who would be suitable for the role of Professor.

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Bollywood Actor Ayushmann Khurrana has even conveyed that he wanted to play a part similar to the Professor on screen. If the Professor would be an Indian, then who would it be? Netflix India recently posted a video on the Instagram that the Professor would certainly not be Virus, a role enacted by actor Boman Irani from the film 3 Idiots. The video signified sarcasm over the two contrasting personalities of Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe aka Virus who was a tough cold-hearted professor in 3 Idiots and the role of Professor, enacted by Alvaro Morte in Money Heist, who has no boundaries of intelligence and understanding!


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Thus the caption on the Processor says “ The Processor we want” and the caption on Virus says,” the professor we get” which signifies the irony.

The caption in the entire post also says,” Us to virus: Bella jao, Bella jao, Bella jao jao jao,” with regard to the theme track of Money Heist ,”Bella ciao” which means to say goodbye.

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