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People Stood Strong With Protesting Farmers Aiding Them With Essentials Like Food, Medical Camps, Sanitary Products

Thousand of Farmers from northern-states of the country are protesting against the Central govt. at Delhi borders to meet their demand of taking back the new farm laws. During extreme winter mid-pandemic, people from various ethics and professions came together to support farmers with essential aids.


After protesting for months in their home towns making no differences, farmers from Punjab & Haryana led the protest delegation to Delhi in hope of making their demand louder and clearer to the government. While the protesting farmers faced various obstacles such as blocked roads, tear gases, and water cannon fired at them in an attempt to stop them from reaching Delhi by Haryana & Delhi police, farmers settled at multiple Delhi borders to make their agitation count.

Image Credit: The Tribune India

In the extreme winters of North India, farmers are protesting for more than 12 days and nights now to make consider their demand for rolling back the new farm reforms at any cost. Along with the protesting farmers, many people from different NGOs, communities, and professions came forward to support farmers morally along with food, wi-fi, health care, medicines, and sanitary pads.

Khalsa Aid provided free sanitary pads

Thousands of women being the part of farmers protest at the Delhi Border against the new farm laws, they faced issues of menstrual hygiene.
As many of the residents have opened their door to protesting women to take bath and provide them with hot water, hygiene is an issue around the protest site. Women considered facing issues of menstrual hygiene around the protest. The Khalsa aid came to set up temporary toilets for men and women also providing sanitary napkins to women in need.

Free health-care camps by Doctors

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Image Credit: New Indian Express

Image Credit: New Indian Express

Doctors came forward to set up medical camps to aid protesting farmers with free check-ups and medicines. Medical camps have been set up at the Singhu border protest site in the wake of the ongoing pandemic and extreme winters around Delhi.
Doctors volunteering in the health-care camps also urged the government to carry put COVID tests among the protesting farmers to restraint the chances of contamination as COVID protocols aren’t being followed.

Gurudwara, Mosques, Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba ensure food of protesting farmers

Image Credit: Just Dial

As soon as the protest got national attention, people breached the boundaries of differences and business for the greater good.
Various Gurudwaras, Mosques along with Khalsa Aid and Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba ensured food for protesting farmers as well as police and security forces at the protest sites.

Image Credit: Facebook/Amrik Sukhdev

Very famed food destination ‘Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba’ opened doors to farmers offering free foods. The food for farmers protesting in Delhi’s Nirankari Grounds is assured by Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara. Authorities at Gurudwara said they will keep providing food for the protesting farmers arriving from Punjab and various states as long as they are camping here and their demands are considered.
Several people volunteered solely to set up ‘free langar’ and community kitchens to make sure no protestors remain hungry throughout their struggle.

Muslim men set up Langar
People from the Muslim community started langar (community kitchen) at the Singhu border protest site to aid protesting farmers with food. The team of the Muslim Federation of Punjab, led by Faaroqi Mubeen mentioned that they have come here at the Singhu border “to serve the farmers who feed everyone”.
Mubeen quoted talking to news agency PTI, “The ‘langar’ will go on 24X7 till the protests continue. The farmers do so much for us. It is our turn to return the favour,” he said. “It is our responsibility to take care of the farmers. We are a team of 25 volunteers who are working non-stop to keep the ‘langar’ going”.

Free wifi by NGO

Image Credit: Telugubullet

To ensure connectivity and communication of protesting farmers with their family back at home and internet facility to kids for online classes, a Delhi-based NGO established free wifi at the Singhu border site, as reported by PTI.
Amplifying the better network from the Delhi side towards the Haryana border where the protest is going on, they arranged devices for better connectivity so that students have ease attending their online classes and study materials.
Abhishek Jain, one of the volunteers of the NGO said, “We started the facility of free WiFi about five days ago. We had originally come here to distribute food and other supplies. But, we realized that while the farmers had sufficient supplies, it was mobile connectivity which was getting difficult.”

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