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PS5 Trademark is not secured by Sony in India: How one guy in India is holding back the PS5 launch

A man named, Hitesh Aswani holds the trademark to PS5 in India. This could drastically affect the launch of PS5 in India and may even be delayed beyond Diwali.


The PS5 is available for pre-order, ahead of its launch on 12th/19th November. However, sadly for the Indian PlayStation fans who were anxiously waiting for the PS5 launch, Sony hasn’t stated any plans to release PS5 in India. A recent report by The Mako Reactor has found out that the PS5 trademark is not held by Sony which could very well be the reason why Sony hasn’t launched PS5 in India.

(Image Credit: themakoreactor.com)

The PS5 trademark is held by Hitesh Aswani of Delhi as publicly viewable documentation. He seems to be a mass manufacturer who will produce various goods in the name of PS5, like from video game machines to toys to sports to stationery goods. The current status of the trademark is ‘Opposed’, this happens when a third party files an opposition against a trademark, if there is a similar trademark published in the Journal or if the trademark is alleged to be non-distinctive as per trademark and patent attorney, L.R. Swami Co.   Trademark opposition is a very lengthy process and takes years for the judgment. However, I am not a legal expert, although, I’m certain that the legal team of Sony India could get the trademark in other ways.

(Image Credit; themakoreactor.com)

Sony had filed an application in February 2020 for the PS5 trademark, however, the status of both the trademarks are ‘Opposed’. This wouldn’t have happened if Sony had trademarked the ‘PS5’ beforehand. Sony has already patented ‘PS6’, ‘PS7’,’PS8’,’PS9’, and ‘PS10’, which is crazy as we don’t even know whether we will ever see a PS10. The future is too unpredictable. This also goes to show their carefree attitude towards the Indian market and that it doesn’t mean much. I know this will come as hurt to every Indian Gamer’s ego but this is the truth. India isn’t a major market for PS5. This is due to two reasons mainly:

  1. Indian audience is comfortable in giving a big upfront but isn’t comfortable with a small upfront cost and buying costly games, subscriptions, and accessories. That’s why old-gen consoles see a surge in sales, as the game and console’s price drop. PS4 will continue to be the best seller in India. This also fits with Sony as they are not making much on Software but making profits by selling hardware.
  2. Piracy: Piracy is huge in India and it is socially acceptable. With the increase in the price of PS5 games from ₹3,999 to ₹4,999, you won’t see piracy go away any time soon. With the 6.72 PS4 jailbreaks, PS4 will see a huge surge in the old stock of PS4.

PS5 is launching on 17th November for the Rest of The World, but India’s launch price and date haven’t been announced officially. If you were thinking PS5 will launch by Diwali then you will be disappointed as the wait seems to be longer than that. You can import the console from your local retailer and the import price of PS5 seems to be ₹50,000 in Nehru Place, Delhi. However, it is not recommended to do that as you will not get a Sony India warranty through this method.

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