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Safoora granted bail, still not innocent in the eyes of Justice

Safoora Zargar has got some relief from the draconian law (UAPA). Credit goes to the people who have been constantly raising their voices.


Safoora Zargar, a pregnant Jamia Millia University student captured under an enemy of dread law for a situation identified with the Delhi savagery, was allowed bail by the High Court after the police didn’t contradict it on “humanitarian grounds”. Safoora was granted bail after 3 back to back rejections.


Safoora Zargar, 27, was captured on April 10 on scheme charges over the uproars that broke out in February during the challenges of the Citizenship Amendment Act. She was allowed bail however rearrested on progressively extreme charges under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Her capture and detainment incited solid judgment from understudies and activists and strongly partitioned internet based life.


The Delhi High Court today coordinated Safoora Zargar to not engage in exercises that may hamper the examination. She likewise can’t leave Delhi without authorization. Safoora Zargar needs to stay in touch with an Investigating Officer on the phone at any rate once in 15 days and moreover outfit an individual commitment of Rs 10,000.

“We are thankful to the courts. I also thank our lawyers for their efforts. The family is eagerly looking forward to meeting her,” added her significant other Saboor Sirwal.

The understudy of M.Phil at Jamia college is five months pregnant. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, speaking to the police, didn’t restrict her abandon compassionate grounds. Mr. Mehta said she can be discharged on standard abandon philanthropic grounds however a choice had not been assumed the benefits of the case and ought not to be made a point of reference.


On Monday, the Delhi Police had restricted Ms. Zargar’s bail supplication saying  “the severity of her offence is in no manner mitigated by the fact of her pregnancy.”


The Delhi Police, in its status report confining her bail, said a “clear and cogent case” had been made out against her and she was accused of “grave and serious offences meticulously and surreptitiously planned and executed by her”.

The police additionally said she had been kept in a different cell and the odds of her contracting coronavirus from some other individual were not many. To support its contention, the police said 39 conveyances had occurred in Delhi penitentiaries over the most recent 10 years.


Ms. Zargar, an individual from the Jamia Coordination Committee, had gone to the High Court after a preliminary court denied her abandon Thursday.


Ms. Zargar was conceded bail for the situation after she was at first captured. However, later she was captured again and increasingly genuine allegations were forced on her, as per the Jamia Coordination Committee. She was blamed for instigating individuals and carrying ladies and youngsters to the roads in Jafrabad to cause riots.



The student’s legal advisor told the court during contentions that she was in a fragile state and a genuinely propelled phase of pregnancy. While she was given bail on humanitarian grounds, She is still not proven innocent in the eyes of justice.

Details of the Bail –

“Without in any manner conceding to the factual assertions and legal submission made by the petitioner and without in any manner diluting the contents and submissions made in the reply filed thereto and without making it a precedent either in ongoing investigations or any other investigation(s), purely on humanitarian ground, the prosecution agrees to the petitioner being released on regular bail…”


The Delhi High Court bail request starts with the above proclamation made by Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, showing up for Delhi Police, in the third day of bail hearings for UAPA charged Safoora Zargar on 23 June. Mehta didn’t contradict bail, similar to he had in the consultation on 22 June.

Presently 24 weeks pregnant, this was the Jamia Millia Islamia understudy and hostile to CAA nonconformist’s fourth endeavour for bail in the Delhi riots case under FIR 59/2020. Mehta said that the candidate can be discharged, subject to the accompanying conditions being forced by the court.


Conditions put forward by solicitor SG MEHTA –

  1. “The petitioner, during the period of bail, shall not indulge in activities for which she is being investigated.”
  2. “The petitioner shall not influence, hamper or interfere with the on-going investigation, in any manner.”
  3. “The petitioner will remain out of the National Capital Region of Delhi.”


Safoora’s attorney communicated her reservations seeing point number 3 as her Doctor and family live in the National Capital Region of Delhi.



The Court after hearing both the sides, set 5 conditions regarding Bail:


  1. “The petitioner will furnish a personal bond of Rs. 10,000/- with a surety of like amount to the satisfaction of the concerned Jail Superintendent.”
  2. “The petitioner shall not indulge in any activity for which she is being investigated which may infract the law.”
  3. “The petitioner will also refrain from influencing, hampering, or interfering with the ongoing investigation against her.”
  4. “The petitioner will establish telephonic contact with the Investigating Officer, at least, once in fifteen (15) days.”
  5. “In case the petitioner is required to leave the National Capital Territory of Delhi, she will seek permission from the concerned court.”

Equity Rajiv Shakdher proceeds to state that since both the gatherings didn’t address him on the benefits, ‘this order will not be treated as a precedent.’

He likewise says that he had gotten a few archives recorded for the benefit of the respondent/state, yet, in a fixed spread. “I have not opened the sealed cover. The documents, which are in a sealed cover, are returned to the Registry,” the judge declared in the order.


The new as always got an overwhelming amount of reactions from Twitterati…



Some questioned the authorities on why the legal procedures were not being followed,

And some celebrated the bail and gave the credit to people who have been very actively voicing their dissent.

While some did not seem happy that the real culprits are out but more relieved by the fact that she is granted bail.


People were also visible on busting the B- Team myth.



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