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Wire Crimping Tool Choice: WirefyShop Guide


A kit for fixing electrical appliances and connectors is essential in every home. Of course, if you don’t have the right skill set and would rather call a professional, this investment may wait. But just in case, you should know how to choose proper tools.

A supplier of high-quality wire crimping tools and wire connectors, WirefyShop, has prepared a brief guide on the choice of a crimper. It depends on the type of cable and connector you’re working with, but there are other factors as well.

Choosing Proper Wire Crimpers with WirefyShop

Most multi-wire connectors have to be crimped with a tool to stay in place and provide a strong connection. Even waterproof heat-shrink multi-wire connectors, along with heat securing, need some pressure to establish metal to metal connection.

The following are 4 main factors to consider:

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  • The volume of work.
    First of all, see how much you will need to do. If the volume of work is large, opt for automatic tools like hydraulic or pneumatic crimpers. But if it’s a small auto project, a hand tool will work just fine.
  • Wire gauge.
    Although a lot of specialists tend to guess the kind of crimper they need (and many of them succeed), it’s better to know which gauges you will need to fix. This will determine the type and size of the tool. There are universal items for every common wire gauge. Having one is a good idea, but it’s also wise to buy specific models for more complicated jobs.
  • Crimp profile.
    Different connectors need different crimp patterns to be properly secured. Most connector manufacturers include the info about proper dies in the user manual. Read it before buying tools or look for the manufacturer information online. A lot of tables and manuals are easily accessed through the Net.
  • Proper documentation.
    Make sure the crimper you’re interested in has UL, MIL, or SAE certification. It’s also wise to read warranty materials for the terminals you’ll be fixing or installing. Some manufacturers specify one brand of crimpers that is considered the best for their connectors. If you use another brand, the warranty may be voided.

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose a proper toolset in the shortest time.

Know Where to Buy Your Electrical Tools

It’s wise to have several wire crimping tools from WirefyShop for different cases. You never know when a hammer crimper will be the only choice. Purchasing online brings a lot of benefits, such as saving time, money, and effort.


It’s not necessary to buy everything at once. Start with a small regular tool for your car and small home repairs, continuing later with more advanced equipment.

The most important thing is to know where to get every detail for your electrical projects. Automotive terminal options, plug, ring, 2-pin, tap, and other types of connectors for one or multiple wires, as well as the best crimping tools, are available 24/7 at WirefyShop!

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