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10 Quotes You Should Love If You Have Read/Seen A Suitable Boy

These quotes from A Suitable Boy capture everything from human relation to partition. Read along...

Written in 1993 by Vikram Seth, A Suitable Boy is set in a newly-born independent India suffering from the frays of partition on religious grounds. Comprising 1349 pages, the book is listed as one of the longest published novels in a single volume. A Suitable Boy delves into the many facets of love, understanding and relationship also affected by the communal tensions and future uncertainties with the fragility of the country.
Here are some of the best quotes from A Suitable Boy that are too precious to not read at least once in your life.

Starting the list from the quote which seems too true for the current times.

Dialogues from A suitable boy

2. Say it this way or that way- an equation will carry a solitary meaning. Reminds me of the Politicians and their word-play.
3. Depicting the yearn of a human for love. If you have a heart, you are bound to fall in the abyss of it.
4. It is easier to write about things for which we do not have feelings. As put by Jane Austen, – If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more.
5. This quote undeniably plummet into the desperation that comes from loneliness or requirement. The more you want something, the more inclined is your positivity towards it.
6. And even after all the craziness of love- think about yourself. Do not be wholly vulnerable so that even if you crumble down you will have your pieces with you.

Dialogues from A suitable boy

7. No doubt holding on to the past will make you crazy after a time. You can only live in the moment if you are present in the moment.

8. The blossoming love described in a few words. We feel that connection and undoubtedly within a second or not at all.

9. Love is about losing yourself and finding yourself when lost. What is love, after all, without a little bit of madness?

10. This saddening quote reverberates the destruction ushered from the partition- the fury and rage and with it the bloodshed.

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So, these were some of the quotes which stayed with us for long after we closed the book. Let us know which of these quotes are going to stay with you in the comments section below. And if you haven’t read the book then grab a copy from Amazon and start reading. If you’re not a book person, then you can also watch its video adaptation on Netflix.

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