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Bali University Permits Students To Pay Their College Fees In Coconuts: Inculcates Entrepreneur’s Skills In Them

The Venus Academy in Bali, Indonesia, is encouraging the payment of the fee of their students through natural resources.


Students of The Venus One Tourism Academy, a University in Tegalalang, Bali are encouraged to pay their tuition fees with Coconuts. Due to the pandemic, many students are facing financial withdrawals across the world, but with many positive attitudes, there are some good Initiatives too.

The Venus One Tourism Academy in Indonesia has taken an edge to help students polish their entrepreneurship skills while paying their college fees in a slightly different way.  

During an interview, Pasek Adi Putra, Venus One Tourism Academy, Official, mentioned that with this initiative the students can bring coconuts to pay their fees and that are being used to harvest Virgin Coconut Oil at the school premises.

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“At first we began an instalment program to pay their tuition fees, but now we’ve become even more flexible. We’ve been producing Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and we try to get them involved during the production process by paying their tuition with only coconuts” Putra further mentioned.

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Other than coconuts, they are also accepting moringa leaves and Gotu kola leaves which are further being used for the manufacturing of herbal products like soaps and other scented things. The students can further resell their products which will help to polish their entrepreneurial skills. 

“We have to educate them to optimize the natural resources in their surroundings. So when the Pandemic is over, they would be more than just common workers,” Academy’s Director Wayan Pasek Adi Putra continued.

The school has taken all the necessary precautions and safety protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus hence a limited number of students are allowed in each shift with proper sanitation and temperature check. 


The initiative is an unimaginable way of inculcating moral values in the students and to aware them of things, they have to be knowledgeable about, nature and the natural resources. 

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