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Covid-19 Update: India’s Double Mutant Coronavirus variant and Delhi struggling with under 4th Covid wave

Younger patients getting affected by the 4th and more infectious wave in Delhi while India named their Double mutant Coronavirus variant.

  • In the last 24 hours, Delhi recorded 10732 fresh cases.
  • The 4th wave has more asymptomatic cases than the previous waves.
  • The last few weeks were horrible for the capital of India.
  • Next couple of weeks will be very crucial for the patients with severe symptoms.
  • Fever is persisting for longer in this wave and lungs are getting involved very earlier in this wave.
  • Most. of the patients belongs to the 30-50 age group.
  • Lok Nayak Hospital of Delhi has patients below the age group of below 10.
  • Follow Covid-appropriate behaviour’ a request made by health officials as Delhi recorded 66273 covid cases so far in this month.
  • B.1.617 is the scientific name given to India’s double mutant Coronavirus variant.
  • This mutant virus contains E484Q and L452R mutations are more infectious.
  • The antibodies produced by vaccines could be impacted by this mutation.
  • According to (INSACOG), the first variant detected in the nation was on 7 December 2020.
  • India has 70% of cases of this variant while Australia, UK and Singapore have 1%, 23% and 2% cases respectively.
  • India has the cases of UK’s, South African and Brazilian lineage.
  • Cases of this double variant have been detected in Delhi, Maharashtra and Punjab.

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