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Explaining The Mysterious Disappearance of Jack Ma

Business tycoon Jack Ma has been invisible for the last two months. The mystery behind the sudden disappearance grows deeper.


Unexplained disappearance of China’s most renowned Business tycoon, Jack Ma.

One of the most prominent Chinese Business tycoon Jack Ma’s unexpected disappearance becomes an enigma and also a controversy that has come up with various speculations. A report of CNBC stated that Jack Ma might be “laying low” for the time being.

The Chairman of Beijing-based tech consultancy BDA China, Duncan Clark told Reuters that Ma might be asked to “lay low”, after his controversial criticism.


Jack Ma
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Speculation on his disappearance comes after his criticism of Chinese regulators during his speech at a business conference in Shanghai.

Which was also attended by Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan, Jack Ma mocked regulators, referring them with an antique, “pawnshop mentality,” not compatible enough to oversee the Chinese tech innovation and shifted their attention towards the unconventional approaches.

He asked them to support the new ways so that it can be easier for entrepreneurs and the young generation.


Alibaba Group has cited the scheduling conflict for Jack Ma’s unavailability


Jack Ma did not appear as a judge on his TV show — Africa’s Business Heroes. Later his pictures were removed from the official website of the show. However, Alibaba Group has cited the scheduling conflict for his unavailability


Chinese Media outlets have started claiming Jack Ma as a cruel and Money-grabbing vampire businessman. Instead of questioning the government to reveal that why Jack Ma has not appeared for two months after his controversial statement, various government leading media outlets intended to make Jack Ma appear as a person who loves to exploit the common people.


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It’s been reported that Chinese authority is not happy after Jack Ma’s condemnation of them, they had imposed an “anti-monopoly” probe against his company Alibaba which has led to a drop in company’s share by a quarter, with a huge financial loss of $10 billion from his fortune. Now he ended up in third Place among China’s richest people.

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The Wall Street Journal stated, on Tuesday that Chinese regulators are constantly demanding consumer data of Jack Ma’s fintech Art Group, to share it with Beijing. Regulators claimed that Ant Group linked their personal data from its payment app Alipay. It gave authority to Art Group over small lenders and banks, government officials informed the Journal. This statement came as a backfire to Jack Ma’s criticism over the Regulators.



Despite Ant being a shareholder in the credit-rating company and seven other Chinese companies, the fintech hasn’t shared their data, according to the reports.

It has been reported that to compensate for his previous statement on regulators, Ma offered to give parts of an Ant Group to the Chinese Government on November 2, but China went ahead by imposing various sanctions.

In India, Alibaba invests in various payment firms which include Paytm, food delivery startup Zomato, Big Basket an online grocer, Snapdeal, and logistic service Xpressbees.



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