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From selling his Rs 22 lakh Car to setting up a COVID War room : Shahnawaz reminds us what it means to be a human

Here is a very moving story about a man who sold his SUV to buy oxygen cylinders to continue giving them to COVID-19 patients.




It is unclear how long the pandemic will last and how long the vaccine will remain in the body, or prevent people from developing COVID-19 from transmitting the virus to others

Currently, there are an estimated 21.5 lakh active patients with COVID-19 in the country, many of whom are critical and in need of respiratory support. But the increase in cases has undermined our medical infrastructure and resulted in severe shortages of equipment, especially respiratory equipment and oxygen supply.

And while manufacturers of medical equipment and other companies, including many car manufacturers, are trying to increase the production of respirators, things are not enough.

But this is when people like Shahnawaz Shaikh stand up to help those in need. A resident of Mumbai, Shahnawaz, assisted with COVID-19 patients by providing oxygen cylinders.

He has been a messiah for the residents of the neighborhood at a time when the world is facing an unprecedented shortage of oxygen due to the coronavirus epidemic, and patients are dying due to a lack of it in hospitals. Shahnawaz Sheikh, also known as the “Oxygen Man,” works in the area, delivering oxygen to patients over the phone. His office has now set up a “control center” to ensure that people get oxygen during this time of crisis.

According to a report from Indian times, Shahnawaz has decided to help coronavirus patients, especially those under house arrest, with oxygen cylinders after his co-worker’s sister, who was pregnant, lost her life after being hospitalized by several hospitals.


The number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in Maharashtra, with two of their friends, Shahnawaz Hussain and Abbas Rizvi, donating life-saving cylinders to coronavirus patients and other patients with respiratory problems in Mumbai during the pandemic.

The idea of ​​giving people free oxygen cylinders to people at no cost came after Abbas Rizvi lost his cousin who was six months pregnant as he was unable to receive oxygen support.

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“My cousin, who was six months pregnant, passed away due to a lack of oxygen. That’s when we saw how difficult it is for people to get oxygen support,” she said.



Considering the state of hospitals throughout the city, we have decided to provide oxygen cylinders to anyone in need of emergency care. We no longer distribute it on the basis of the poor or the rich, Hindus or Muslims. “Anyone who comes to us with a doctor’s prescription, we simply deliver an oxygen cylinder to them anywhere in Mumbai,” he explained.

According to Shahnawaz, some hospitals did not accept her due to a lack of medical equipment while others did not have an empty bed. He decided to help the needy patients with an oxygen cylinder after learning from his doctor friend that the woman could have survived had she received oxygen on time.


Shahnawaz said he sold his Rs 22 lakh SUV a few days ago to help the people in the area because he is passionate about helping patients at this crucial time. Shahnawaz purchased 160 oxygen cylinders for the poor with the money he earned after selling his Ford Endeavor. Shahnawaz explained that he ran out of funds last year while assisting the needy and had to sell his car.


His team members, who have assisted over 4000 people, demonstrate how to use the cylinders to the patients. Many patients return empty cylinders to their control rooms after use. Since last year, they have reached out to over 4000 users, according to Shahnawaz.




Once asked by the interviewer about why he did such a thing he replied “ It’s not hard to give up one car to save someone’s life. Even if I’m blessed by just one grateful family for this deed, I will be able to buy four such cars someday”


It is a real heartwarming gesture. The man endured hope once again in everyone’s heart. His way of solidarity has changed the thinking in lots of minds amongst oneness, and unity despite following any religion or be it of any gender or caste.





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