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Karnataka the Newlywed couple Skipped Honeymoon to Clean Over 600Kgs of garbage from Beach.

While scrolling through our social media, we have often noticed pictures of newlyweds holidaying in exotic honeymoon destinations. But have you seen newlyweds with gloves rolling up their sleeves to clear out the junk from the beach two weeks after their marriage?


Anudeep Hegde and Minusha Kancha are one such partner who agreed to clean up a beach rather than going on a honeymoon. The duo concluded to clean up Karnataka’s Someshwara Beach.

The duo, who were enjoying their time at Anudeep’s hometown at Baindur in Karnataka after their wedding on November 18, often used to stop by the Someshwara beach, to spend some time.

After some time they realized that the beach has evolved as a disposal zone where people eliminate their alcohol bottles, slippers, and other things shamelessly.

Someshwar Beach, Karnataka/Image source: Palolem Beach

Anudeep who had past experiences in the beach clean-up drives recommended that they help to clear the beach up to which his wife Minusha agreed.

Anudeep took to his Twitter account, to deliver the message to the masses, “Can two person make a difference? Got married two weeks back & with my wife have decided to clean up this beach before we celebrate a honeymoon. 40% have been cleared. Few more days to go. A much satisfying experience so far.”

The couple got on and bought the basic tools for a cleaning drive- they purchased gloves, garbage bin bags, and got down to clear the area. They disposed of over 600 kilos of trash from the beachside between November 27 and December 5.

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Anudeep Hedge and Minusha Kancha/Image source: IndiaTimes

Around December 4-5, more than a dozen youths came down and started assisting the duo in tidying up the beach. The duo says almost 80 percent of the beach has been neatened by now and the rest they can do within a week, as per reports.


The duo says that even though they did not post pictures on social media or anywhere, the locals reached to assist them in their mission and have been assisting since.

Image source: IndiaTimes

The trash they gathered is being taken away by local panchayat workers.

Now, after the drive has earned momentum and a lot of assistance, Anudeep says they wish to keep the passion going and will proceed with clearing up junk from the shore.

He accuses the rains as that is when the garbage from drainage that flows out to the river and then stirs out to the sea is flushed out on the beach. Amplifying the situation, the amount of garbage people dump on top of it, the garbage keeps multiplying, thus creating the entire stretch gross.
The couple also hopes to boost understanding of biological and marine conservation and thus wants to continue with the cleaning drive.

One of the biggest beach rehabilitation and clean-up drive was inaugurated by Mumbai established lawyer and activist Afroz Shah back in the year 2016-17, who assisted clean up the Versova beach along with his committee of volunteers.

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