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Newborn baby girl in UP left in gunny bags to die, rescued by locals

A baby girl was found stuffed inside three gunny bags on the side of Uttar Pradesh road in Meerut city. “The baby is healthy and is being treated,” said the police.


In a horrific incident in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, a newborn girl child was found stuffed in gunny bags, allegedly left in the cold to die by her parents.

A video shows that after hearing the wails of the baby, the locals were shocked to discover her bundled in layers of bags. “What kind of parents can do such a thing,” a woman is heard saying in the clip.

The locals informed the police who then rushed her to the local hospital. “The child has been admitted to Pyarelal Hospital for treatment. The police are taking the required action,” the Meerut Police tweeted.

Meerut Police via Twitter

“We got a call from a locality called Shatabdi Nagar that a newborn was found. A police team went there and the baby has been admitted to the district women’s hospital. She is being given proper medical treatment and doctors say she is a premature baby but healthy. All SOPs are being followed,” police officer Dr.  Akhilesh Narayan Singh said.

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Dr.  Manisha Agarwal, in charge at the District Women’s Hospital, said that managing the baby’s temperature was critical. She had been left in the cold and it can affect her.

“When they brought the baby, she was in very bad shape, her placenta was attached to her body and there was a rotting smell. We sent her to the newborn care unit. She is in a much better condition,” said Dr. Agarwal.

Considering her condition, the doctor also drew out the possibility of the baby not being fed with the mother’s milk, which can prove to be harmful to her. However, the best care and treatment will be provided to her.


Dr. Agarwal said, “This is a female child, whoever is the mother, I cannot say why she threw away the baby but I do feel that if this was a male child the mother would not throw it away. The mother may have thought of the child as a burden,  this mentality needs to change.”

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