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NSE outage and Top 6 crashes from the past

'We are working to restore technical fault as soon as possible, said NSE India.



National Stock Exchange (NSE) was down due to a technical issue on Wednesday. NSE stopped updating rates and trading. People were shocked due to an unexpected server glitch. Meanwhile, the Bombay Stock Exchange faced no issue in trading and updating.

“We are working to restore technical fault as soon as possible, said NSE India.

While giving the reason for this mishap, NSE said that ” for connectivity, servers depend on two telecom service providers, and both failed simultaneously causing in servers outage.

These types of “Trading halt” and server crashes are very familiar in the 21st century.

Sometimes it happens due to Cyberattacks, Physical damage to hardware, or Human errors.



Here are some examples of some major crashes occurred in recent history.


1-2011 PlayStation Network Crash



When an Anonymous Hacker had intruded into Japanese Entertainment giant PlayStation Network (PSN), which resulted in 24 days of service interrupted. More than 77 million users’ personal data had been accessed by the hacker. But there was no evidence of the credit card information being stolen.

Sony’s PSN is one of the world’s biggest holders of credit cards after Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and Apple’s iTunes. This attack led Sony PSN to hire an outside security firm to investigate matters. And this intrusion cost 250 million dollars to Sony’s PNS.


2-British Airways IT failure

In 2017, an IT system issue took place in British Airways that caused over 100 flight cancellations and more than 200 flight delays. This critical system failure caused around 75000 people to be stranded.



3-WhatsApp Outage


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WhatsApp is a giant media app owned by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. In 2017, billions of its users were unable to download media files, including images, video and also were deprived of chatting with a familiar one. Services were restored after 2 hours of the incident.


4-Amazon Web Services Crash 2017


It considered being a human error. According to Amazon one of its employees was debugging an issue, which later accidentally led to an AWS crash.

It affected several websites publications like Business Insider, Quora, and Slack as well as its users around the world.



5-Facebook server outage of 2019


A Social media giant, which has more than 2 billion users had experienced a massive outage in 2019. People were deprived of accessing Facebook App. Although it wasn’t an outage related to an intrusion attack but a networking issue known as distributed denial of service cyber strike.


6-Google Server Crash



In 2020, an unexpected crash had happened with Google, amid the novel Corona Virus pandemic. When people were working from home. Many media platforms (owned by Google) like YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google meet were fully unavailable for 45 minutes.



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