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8 Relationship Lies That May Seem A Fantasy To You: Caution! Readers Discretion Is Advised

This relationship article may seem a bit unpleasing one but, trust the writer, it has been written in a very jolly mood with no grudges held so far. Besides, it’s going to break a lot of hearts, so readers' discretion is a definite advice :)


Almost all of us have liked someone, been in a relationship or are in one-sided apparently. What actually makes us go head over heels are some of these “Sugar Laced Romantic Cliches” that at one point, all of us may have encountered but these are nothing but a web of lies. The better we accept the reality and come out of such “paradises”, the chances are that we’d be able to do something far more productive. 

So, why waste so much time writing the introductory part? TSA brings you eight lies we all have heard being in a toxic relationship 😛 Let’s begin!

1. I Love You But Can’t Commit: 

Yes! This is the far most spoken lie of all the time, and anybody who believes and builds castles out of nowhere is an idiot. Love doesn’t happen at first sight, nor does it happen with time. It happens when two fairly different individuals understand each other and work towards bettering the situations for both. If your partner is serious with you (be it a boy or a girl) ask for a commitment, not some Shakesperian quotes that Orlando wrote for Rosalind on a bark of a tree. 

2. I Can’t Live Without You: 

You may check, all the readers especially, who have come out of their relationships that your partner is alive 🙂 happy and is more or less content with life. Nobody dies for anybody in this world, and we are not Devdas and Paro of the 70s ;P So if anybody comes and tells you anything, just reply “We’ll see to it in future ;)” 


3. You Are Special: 

This one particular line has got all of us at one point in time. I am so sorry, I understand, most of you must have gone by now to the flashbacks of a time when the butterflies were felt in the stomach for the first time 🙂 But, some realities now…… it’s just a matter of time, special ones will change, and he or she will go and say this to the next one after the relationship ends. 🙂 Basically, this is a USP of all the wooing partners in a relationship, and the idea is to win your heart but my dear idiots, instead of believing them, go and first see what is so special inside you? Are you made up of diamonds? 😛

4. You Make My Heartbeat Race: 

OMG! It is so exasperating ladies and gentlemen ;P whosoever is reading. I must say the one who has actually written this line must be a patient of anxiety. How on earth can you make your heartbeat race for even a second for someone else? Basically, we humans have objectified our hearts and used it in whichever way we can. Our hearts “breaks” “pain” “feels” “cries” “laughs” “pumps” “dances” “sings” and even “race”;P Next time if you find yourself in such situations, ask the one who says all this to get themselves prescribed certain “ANXIOLYTICS”. 


5. You Are Irreplaceable In My Life: 

I know by now all the readers must be cursing me, but don’t worry “Jinke Breakup Abhi Nahi Hue, 5 Saal Baad Ho Jayenge ;P” Anyways! Some serious talk now, basically, your partner here wants you to understand that even after the breakup, he/she would live by your memories and would never get married and even if he does, he’ll always be hitched by you. Okayyyyyy! Stop 😛 you were, is or will be stupid if you believed in them. Know this that everything has got a replacement, except your family. 

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6. I Will Always Stand Beside You, No matter Whatever The Situation Is: 

I can’t write anything on this. We all know how much of it was actually correct in itself, analyse ;P Basically no person on the earth doesn’t come with a condition, and it is even dumber of you if you expect your partner to be a robot and agree to all your stupidity and stand by you in all times. Move on, guys! 😉

7. I Love Your Inner Beauty: 


First of all, there exists no term like this. A person is either attractive or is not; there is nothing in between this. Do you say that “It’s okay if you are not tall, I like your inner tallness?”;P 

8. I Love The Way You Are: 

Okay if you love the way your partner is, why do you want him to hit the gym and have a broad body and chiselled jawline? Also boys, why do you want your girl to hit the parlour and stay maintained all the time? Who are you guys trying to fool? 


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